Just for the Record… a Rantling

People, what is wrong with so many of you that you can’t handle the idea of someone being naked?  I realize that the US was founded by Puritans – my ancestors were some of the very first to arrive on our esteemed shores.  But, aren’t we past that?  Aren’t we above our Puritanical beliefs of no music, no dancing… no Footloose?!

No, this isn’t about a small, Texas town controlled by the iron will of a petty preacher man. My rantling today is brought to you by, and because of, all of those people who just can’t seem to get past nudity.  Just for the record – y’all need to get over it.

You have a “birthday suit”.  I have a “birthday suit”.  Some are prettier than others, many I have absolutely no interest in seeing, but we all have them.  When did nudity suddenly equate to promiscuity or pursuing sex?  When was permission given for people to make lewd, obnoxious comments of unbridled nature or to inquire of actions or habits of my person with an allusion to licentiousness?

These comments and inquiries take on the appearance of an overly-lusty canine taken to humping ones leg.  When a dog does that – I give them a knee to their underside and firmly tell them, “No!”

I model.  I have, in fact, modeled nude.  I have images that have been published and are floating around the great, wide world where people can see them.  I have had tremendous opportunities come my way because of modeling and I’m grateful for them.   I’m not self-conscious about people seeing me naked, but none of this, however, gives anyone permission to talk to me like a degenerate, libidinous reprobate.  That’s not how it works.


I saw the above image going around on Facebook and… I got angry.  I got angry at the comments.  People were saying that this woman, despite the message written on her torso, was “asking for it”.  Excuse me?

Sluts for Obama 2012 commented the following:

This photo was posted on STFU, Conservatives Tumblr page last night. The reason why I’m sharing it is not because of the photo itself (which is epic in it’s own right), but for the comments it generated.

One person wrote, “but then again, its kind like putting a meat suit on and telling a shark not to eat you”.

STFU responded (with bolded text):

“We (men) are not fucking sharks!

We are not rabid animals living off of pure instinct

We are capable of rational thinking and understanding.

Just because someone is cooking food doesn’t mean you’re entitled to eat it.

Just because a banker is counting money doesn’t mean you’re being given free money.

Just because a person is naked doesn’t mean you’re entitled to fuck them.

You are not entitled to someone else’s body just because it’s exposed.

What is so fucking difficult about this concept?”


There are more anger-inducing, fist-shakingly infuriating comments that were left over at the STFU, Conservatives page.  I couldn’t read them all.  I didn’t want to.

Folks, here in the USA the Violence Against Women Act wasn’t renewed.  It’s sad that we even need the law to begin with – yet it was not renewed.  Around the world, women are still treated as chattel, as trash, as possessions.  Young women in India are raped with astounding frequency.  Young schoolgirls are maimed or killed on their way to school in the Middle East all for want of an education.  Even here in the USA, the human trafficking problem is horrendous.

Think about all of that for a moment.  Now think about the women in your lives.  Are they important?  Do you care about them?  Would you say to them what you hear so many men say to women that is completely out of line?  Would you care if someone else said those things to them?  What if it was your daughter?

So, just for the record – modeling is a job.  It’s not an easy job, clothed or otherwise.  Nudity does not equal promiscuity, model or not, and women are not possessions.

I am so much more than my Birthday Suit.

I encourage all who read to comment, but keep it topical and intelligent.  I reserve the right to delete comments that are demeaning or stray from the topic.


Since I wrote this, more, fabulous things have been put out onto the Internet.  Like this video!

And this meme:


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24 Responses to Just for the Record… a Rantling

  1. We are living in the land of opposites, where anything “natural” in unnatural. This would go back to include our food sources. It’s insane. This is a well written, eye opening piece.

    • Thank you 🙂 I had been pondering writing it for a few days and then someone made a few comments to me insisting that I should “share” my nude photos – as if they were entitled to see them. I remembered the contents of the image above and I responded. They apologized. I hope they were embarrassed.

      But they did cause me to write this post.

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    Very well thought out and written piece.There are so many things that are said and written both positve and negative about nudity. As true nudist my wife and I are nude 90% of the time. We share our lifestyle verbally with all we come in contact with. Typically it’s met with more acceptance than rejection. However few have actually ever joined us socially. We have been seen nude by friends, family and our neighbors, because we have always been up-front about our lifestyle none have ever complained. The one thing that we both believe is that when your nude it’s the most honest representation of yourself. In other words simple nudity to us is simple honesty.

    • Thank you for writing! I don’t define myself as a “nudist/naturist” (though since my “Accidental Nudist” post I’ve had some people got downright argumentative that I am) – I am just “me”, nudity doesn’t phase me one way or the other. I can go either way on the clothing thing. Friends and family know that I model nude, and some of my friends have seen me nude – again, no big deal. What gets my undies all atwist is the libidinous comments that are tossed at me pell-mell by people who don’t know me at all and yet think their questioning or comments are perfectly acceptable and inoffensive. There is a lack of propriety and decorum that now appears to run rampant in society. Clothed, or not, people aren’t being treated courteously.

      I think it’s admirable that you’re so forthright about your lifestyle with those whom you socialize. I am guessing that your approach is that it’s not a big deal, so it becomes “not a big deal” to them – which is exactly how it should be.

      • sassycoupleok says:

        Thanks for your reply. Yes we wouldn’t say that your a nudist either in the sense we are, it appears your more of a nude model and do so when it’s appropriate. Unfortunately there are so many double standards for you as a woman and we as nudist and myself as a man that we have to endure at times because we do choose to be nude at the times of our choosing. Most women (including you and my wife) have been voyuered by others for preverted reasons, I’ve been called and an exhibisionist by some because I was casual about my nudity when in the company of textiles. Like you say we are just us, why all the comments ? So as you stated to us it’s just no big deal. Nude is natural and God given.

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  4. I Love where you started with this post. A Simple rant about “Other Peoples” hangups of the sight of a naked body. Truly we are all naked, and have the right to be naked. However, our rights to be naked in front of others has been restricted due to THEIR hangups. People still have NO right to judge anyone else for anything. Yet everyone is judged everyday, and it is only getting worse. We all need to look at our self and improve what we have control of. Please stop trying to control everyone else.

    However you lost me with the “Violence Against Women Act ” All violence is illegal. Specialty laws like this one are Dumb. We need fewer laws not more laws.
    Anything that I do that does not physically harm another human, should be legal. Anything that I do to harm another human should be illegal.

    Control what YOU can, and just BE HAPPY.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      I agree, one person’s rights end where another’s begins.

      As far as the VAWA, etc., it was meant as a tie-in with the unwanted comments that I (and other models I know) receive, many of which carry the tone of women being possessions.

  5. Aaron says:

    We were all born nude, and some of us have no trouble admitting it.

  6. I’m kind of wondering why we even need to debate the issue when we are supposed to be a “civilized” society and espouse human rights and such. Sad that a nation even needs a violence against women act. That blew my mind. Truly. Well put, friend. Well out.

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  8. Scott Bryant says:

    Bravo! It’s incredibly infuriating to me too when I see and hear people think women are the reasons men act like wolves around them. but don’t hold men accountable for their sexist, misogynistic ways. My first thoughts to those people would be, “Excuse me? How about men start learning self-control and teaching your sons, nephews, grandsons the same thing too?” Like you I don’t necessarily call myself a full-on nudist / naturist but for me, it’s just me being me. Nudity has never bothered me and, in reality, I admire the nudist/naturist community because of their support for women and body positivity.

    • Thanks, Scott! I think that any group that preaches acceptance for ALL involved is a good thing and the people I’ve had the pleasure, and privilege, to meet these last half-dozen years is a testament to their high level of acceptance.

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