Sunday Morning

Good Sunday Morning to you!

RVGarden_lrgDid you grow up watching CBS’s Sunday Morning news program with Charles Kuralt?  I did.  I loved that show, and I still do.  It was one of those “weekend” shows that was watched, right up there with The Lawrence Welk Show, Saturday Night Live (when it was still good) and The Benny Hill Show (doesn’t that explain a lot about me right there)

Mr. Kuralt’s voice was soothing, calming and the stories focused more on the positive rather than the depressive, like what we hear the rest of the week.  The interviews conducted were entertaining and educational.  I dare say that it is probably one of the best news shows out there and I actually looked forward to watching the next installment the following Sunday.

I found myself thinking about how much I enjoyed the Sunday Morning program, and as I was already posting on Sundays with what amounted to news about me, there we have it.  A knock-off of an esteemed program… right here on my own little blog.  Ta dah!  That’s my first bit of news; you can expect Sunday Mornings here, too.

Now, last year found me trying to spread me wings a bit with my blog and I undertook a tremendous fete in coming up with 366 facts about myself.  The project was painful by the end.  I was glad to see it done.  I’d lost interest in it – and it showed.  I have the attention span of a flea many days and having to come up with posts, interesting posts, regarding facts about myself was… well – it was too long.  I didn’t particularly find myself all that interesting to begin with and found myself even less so by the time December 31st rolled around.

This year, for 2013, I’ve decided to cut back on the magnitude of a 365-day project and instead focus on something I can do once a week, a “Project 52” if you will (doesn’t that just sound all “Top Secret”??).  Something that can hold my attention span… or rather, something that is more in line with my attention span.  Photography.  I’m by no means a professional; I own a camera, and now my own lens, and I’m learning the art.  Like catching butterflies with a net, I’ve been trying to capture light with a camera – because that’s what photography is… capturing light.  So there you have it; once a week (Wednesdays) I will be posting images I’ve captured at some point in the previous seven days (with an exception or two for vacations and such, unless I can get fancy with my new phone).

Goat.  The Other Red Meat.

Goat. The Other Red Meat.

What else is in store for this blog?  Well, I cook.  I cook a lot.  I bake too, but much less so with that whole gluten-, dairy- and soy-free business.  Why?  Because it’s a major pain in the ass.  Speaking of asses… mine does look better with the lack of baked goods.  Thank you very much.  Oh, I’m welcome.  Okay – enough digression there… the point is that with all this cooking I ought to get more photos out and share more recipes – at least once a week.  Where else are you going to find things like Goat Chili if someone like me doesn’t come along and tell you how awesome it is (and that you should eat more goat meat because it’s really good for you; i.e. low in fat)?

This year, with any luck, my husband and I will be raising a couple goats and lambs for the freezer, along with more chickens.  The local rabbit population, if it turns out like I think it will, will bolster our freezer reserves as well.  Rabbit is delicious – if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do.  I also hope to do some fishing this year, that’s right… fishing.  A friend who is currently in Afghanistan, and enjoys fishing, will be back here (we hope) before Spring, and I can use the refresher on fishing.  With luck – I’ll have fresh fish for the table (and maybe some to smoke).

Oh, Random, how I love thee...

Oh, Random, how I love thee… (and thank you to Natalie, whoever you are…)

And I think, finally… just more randomness for which I’ve a proclivity.  I’ll throw in some rants, some rantlings, musings and just anything else that pops into my head, like book reports.  Book reports?  Darlings… since I’ve jumped off the Gluten wagon (not by choice mind you), I’ve been able to read like I used to – my concentration is BACK!  I’ve been catching up on all of those books that I’ve been accumulating for a few years.

Twenty-thirteen is going to be another interesting year!  To those of you who followed from the beginning, picked up somewhere in between or are just now joining – I thank you so very much, and deeply appreciate the time you take to read my words.

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4 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. You are so right about Charlie’s soothing voice, it was perfect for a quiet Sunday morning. My favorite part of that show was at they end when it was a moment of reflection in a sense.
    I did laugh out loud when I read “I will be raising a couple goats and lambs for the freezer”, because it’s so matter of fact…lol.
    I for one look forward to all you will be offering us in 2013!

  2. Yum, rabbits. When I lived in Toronto, my neighbours, Rocco and Faye used to bring over (hand from one porch to the next) lots of goat. I like it, Charles? Yes, soothing and safe. Old school broadcaster. I lived in the US and remember that show. I still do watch it on occasion befre the pregame shows. Look forward to reading you posts. You may have encouraged me to do something each week as well. Maybe.

    • I am really looking forward to rabbit. They can be a bit pricey to raise for meat as the food-to-weight ratio is high, but I have no less than 4 adults in the yard most days and since they breed year round – I’ll have more. Of course, I don’t want to take too many because their presence means the Great Horned Owls stick around the house, too, and I enjoy them. And I look forward to reading your posts as well! Weekly installments or anything else.

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