Goat Meat Chili

Dish of the week winner has to be, Goat Chili from Cookeryonline.com.  For those of you unfamiliar with goat meat, it is a very low-fat meat, is environmentally friendly (when compared to beef), and is very versatile.  DH and I have raised our own goat, and will again next year.  The goats keep the pasture eaten down, and relish poison ivy and garlic mustard (I’ll make pesto from that this next year).  I encourage you to try goat meat, there are plenty of recipes online!

Goat Meat Chili(makes about 6 portions)2 T cooking oil1 T salt2 c chopped onions

3 lbs lean ground goat meat

1 T ground oregano

2 T chili powder

6 T ground cumin

1/2 c flour

1 t garlic powder or two cloves of fresh garlic crushed

4 c Beef or Lamb Stock

1 tin chopped tomatoes (I used a 10 oz. can of Rotel diced tomatoes with chilis and lime)

In heavy pot, sauté onions in cooking oil, add oregano, cumin, garlic powder and salt. Stir and sauté until onion is almost clear, then add ground meat and cook and stir until crumbly and almost gray. Add chili powder and then flour, stirring vigorously until thoroughly blended. Lastly, add stock and chopped tinned tomatoes, bring mixture to a boil, and simmer for not more than one hour. Seasonings may be adjusted to individual taste. Adding beans to this chili, before or after cooking, is not recommended; serve beans as a side dish.

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7 Responses to Goat Meat Chili

  1. Damn, now I have to find a grocery store that carries goat meat. I love chili but my personal recipe uses beans and The Wife hates beans…

    • DH is not a fan of beans either. TRUE chili does not have beans in it, just meat, sauce and spices. I love beans but will eat chili with and without them. This goat meat chili IS pretty awesome! Try Hispanic grocers as well as Middle Eastern – goat is popular in both regions. Also, check online! Lots of goat producers will sell the meat or direct you to someone who does.

      • I don’t always love beans and honestly I don’t put all that many in my chili. I wasn’t aware that true chili didn’t have beans, growing up when I would make it we would usually make it with very little meat and a ton of beans and the recipe (though not a very good recipe; it was in a kids recipe book) listed two kinds; one with just beans and another with meat called Chili con Carne. I was always under the opposite assumption due to that book. My wife will certainly be glad of a recipe that strictly calls for no beans.

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  3. poet365 says:

    I like the look of this one too,
    by the way I like your new header 🙂

  4. poet365 says:

    I must have been thinking of another
    Space and so I apologise for that error…

    I do like your recipe though 🙂

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