I’m an Accidental Nudist

Dear Readers, I’ve been rolling the idea for this post around in my head for while and there just isn’t any other way around it – I’m an Accidental Nudist.

I grew up in a Catholic household.  I went to Catholic grade school.  I was taught that being naked was shameful and all that jazz.

I blame you Nat Geo...

I blame you Nat Geo…

And then there was the tiny fact that we had shelves-upon-shelves of National Geographic books and magazines… with naked or semi-naked people plastered on the pages.  Within the house there were also books on drawing people, namely “nude figures”, where I’d stare in fascination for hours at the naked bodies.

Oh, I was conflicted.  Surely I was going to burn in the fiery depths of hell in damnation for my sins of gazing upon naked bodies (even if they weren’t actual naked bodies, just drawings).  I never got up the gumption to ask why, exactly, being naked was bad or sinful or shameful…. it just was.  Don’t question it (amazingly it was one of the few subjects for which I didn’t voice my “But why?” questions).

I showed horses growing up and that involved a fair number of wardrobe changes.  Standing in the back of a horse trailer, nimbly avoiding “horse puckeys” and puddles of urine while stocking-footed as I changed from Western to English or vice versa AND putting on appropriate boots, always left me in some state of undress at some point in the changing of outfits.

I don’t remember the boys name or exactly how old I was that day when he was innocently walking past the back of the horse trailer as I was sans pants.  I only remember that I’d seen him at shows before, thought he was cute and that I thought it immensely hilarious at how red his cheeks got when he just happened to turn to see me in my Underoos trying to wriggle into my jodpurs, my shirt awry, probably half a butt-cheek showing with my undies half-crammed up my crack.

pt750_stick_figure_embarrasedHe stood still for a moment, shock and surprise registered on his face.  I looked up, surprised as well, but recovering much more quickly, gave half a smile and said, “Hi”.  He ran off.  Probably scarred for life.

I can’t remember if I saw his face at a horse show ever again.

Years later, in college, my friend Ryan #1 (I know a few Ryan’s) walked in on me in a topless state when he mistook my saying, “One second” for “Come on in”.  We laugh about it now… because a week later he did the same thing to my roommate. (Okay, we laughed about it then, too.)

Fast forward to two years ago.  I started modeling more in earnest and modeling nudes (don’t worry, Mom already knows) seemed to earn some extra cash.  Then I was asked to pose for “natural nudes” for a well-published photographer, Michael, for N Magazine, the publication for The Naturist Society (that would be “nudists” for those who are wondering).  I also traveled to Croatia and spent time on the beach, where toplessness for women is NORMAL.  I didn’t spend time at the nude beach down the way while there.  And yes, I mentally kick myself for not going… but that’s another story for another day.

Yep, kind of like this...

Yep, kind of like this…

I was asked to participate in The Big Nude Boat in February 2013.  I said, “Yes!”.  I love cruising and the people I’ve met so far have been wonderful.  I’ve gone out and frolicked in nature for shoots with Michael a couple times now, and this fall I found out that some of those images he shot were published in N Magazine.  Then, I found out that I had an image in the 2013 Naturist Society Calendar (“Ms. May”).

So there you have it, Folks…. I became a Nudist/Naturist by accident.

Now, I’m sure that some here are reading this and thinking all kinds of prurient thoughts, but I assure you that it has nothing to do with that.  Nothing sexual about it – just people being naked.  Trust me, after fifteen seconds you’re pretty much “over” the fact that people are naked around you.


I came to this point by interesting opportunities, curiosity and an overall sense of “everyone has a birthday suit”.  All by accident.

And as Paul Harvey would say…. “Now you know… the rest of the story.”

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27 Responses to I’m an Accidental Nudist

  1. Good for you! I can’t wait to hear about that adventure. Feeling that comfortable in your skin is really a gift and I admire your confidence. Here in Philly we have the Naked Bike Ride, people of all ages participate..you would love it (with a big fluffy seat cover of course).

    • LOL We have one around Madison, too! I’ve not gone to see it – though I should… for research. And taking photos. However, as a fair-weather-cyclist-complete-with-fancy-pants, I can assure you that a fluffy seat cover would be essential. Sorry, but I can’t do Brazilian wax AND cycling! (Was that TMI?) The lady parts need extra padding. Just sayin’.

      Strange thing is – I’m comfortable clothed or not for every day stuff. For modeling – much more comfortable naked. I’m not sure why that is. However, the cruise (which will be my fifth time cruising) will be a blast, I’m sure!

  2. Pbj Studios says:

    Awesome! Good foy you.I wish I had that king of courage… miss reading your blog popped in to say Hi! 🙂

  3. Whew….and I thought I was going to hell all alone.Yippeeee!!

    • Oh HELL no! (You see how I did that?) I’m going on my own chartered cruise down the River Styx – I’ll make sure you have a reserved seat. 😀 I told Dear Husband that he and I should plan a trip out your way… three nude beaches so close together. Although I gather the water causes severe shrinkage – but my boobs would be perky. So there is that.

      • It’s the Pacific Ocean. When you get up my way and jump in those glacier fed lakes, even boobies shrink. And then, there is always the New Year Polar Bear dip…still waiting for my boys to drop back into place.

  4. Nice to have “wind on the skin”. It’s elemental. It’s free. It’s so, should I say, natural. You make me wish for Summer. (heavy sigh)

  5. You must hit Mazo Beach this summer. A slice of heaven 15 minutes from you.

  6. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    Great post

  7. This is a great post thanks for sharing your experience

  8. John Cornish says:

    Wonderful story!! As someone who has only recently come out as a nudist/naturist to friends (family is LATER), I can appreciate your words. It’s so misunderstood, especially in America where we’re such a prude, Puritan state! Thanks for posting!

  9. Rick says:

    Way to go accidental nudist… my wife and I will see you in February on the Big Nude Boat…

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  12. Scott says:

    Great story.It’s great you were able overcome the early programming of nudity being sinful.It’s too bad you live in a cold climate.Here in Texas,you have a lot more nude time.The drawback is there are more prudes here in powerful positions.It’s not as bad as Arkansas,but I digress.Your story is neat.

    • Honestly, I think I get plenty, but I don’t really think about it much. Since I’m allergic to most sunscreen and insect repellant, not to mention poison ivy/oak (which grows rampantly around here), I tend to be covered up until/unless I can relax out by the pool. Though, I’ve been known to partake of a naked snow angel in the middle of a blizzard before!

      Thank you for stopping by!

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