A prompt (and response) from She’s a Maineiac

Today, Darla over at She’s a Maineiac had some burning questions she wanted answers to, so as I sipped my nearly-cold coffee and read, I decided that “yeah… I’ll respond.”

Here goes!

  1. Why in the hell do you blog?  I blog, or write, because I must.  I’ve talked about it before, but that need to get all of those words that are whizzing around in my head OUT before they ooze out of my ears like toothpaste… that’s why I write.  I write for myself; my attempt at preventing insanity.  You’re welcome for the toothpaste visual.
  2. How did you discover blogging? What was your initial impression? Modeling, which got me back into writing, which brought me to blogging – which I thought nobody would read… yet, here we are.
  3. Were you shy and withdrawn as a child or gregarious?  I wouldn’t call myself gregarious.  I always thought kids my own age were immature.  I preferred hanging out at the adult table to listen and absorb information to being banished to the kids table.  I still do. However, I do enjoy hanging out with small groups of people, though I tend to be a much more one-on-one person.
  4. What does gregarious mean? gre·gar·i·ous  [gri-gair-ee-uhs]  adjective fond of the company of others; sociable; living in flocks or herds, as animals; Botany: growing in open clusters or colonies; not matted together; pertaining to a flock or crowd.  Yes I know it was asked rhetorically.
  5. How close is your ‘blogging’ persona to the real you? My blogging persona is much like who I am once I’ve gotten to know people in person. People I don’t know tend to take me for being aloof, cold, etc., however, I prefer “stand-offish”.
  6. How has blogging changed you or your life? Well, I’ve been asked to write guest blogs and an article for a magazine. So there’s that.  I don’t know if that’s changed my life at all.
  7. Do you consider yourself to be a ‘writer’? Explain why or why not. Yes, I consider myself a writer. I write, and type, and get ideas down on paper or the laptop. Sometimes I publish them. I look at it the same way as being qualified as a “runner”. Once you run, you’re a “runner”.
  8. Do you prefer to write, then edit, edit, edit or just throw up on a page and be done with it? It depends on the day, sometimes I just am in a hurry to write a post (like yesterday) and be done with it… other posts I agonize over, editing and re-editing, or having my friend DazyLady take a look at to make sure I make sense.
  9. How confident are you after you hit that dreaded ‘publish’ button? Does it strike fear in your heart? Or do you not even care? Sometimes I have a little freak out, usually those posts where I think people are going to respond… and then they never do. As for caring – of course I do. Those are my words and thoughts, my screw-ups or my good works. I own them for good or bad.
  10. Have you ever regretted something you’ve written? I haven’t written anything I’ve regretted putting out there for the masses. However, if my mother in law ever finds my blog, I may regret her reaction (she doesn’t know I’ve got a blog, let alone that I’m the Accidental Nudist).
  11. Have you ever been 100% satisfied with something you’ve written? Do you view your writing as good, bad, so-so, or ‘eh, you really don’t care’? Do you ever look back at a post and cringe? And thought, good lord! that was pure crap on a stick!?  I will go back and reread a post and indulge in self-flagellation over typos or why did you write the sentence that way! That was stupid! Then I fix the typos or rewrite the sentence.  I think I can claim 95% satisfaction.
  12. When you write, do you have a certain audience in mind, or do you just go with your gut and let the words spew forth without a care who would like it or not? In other words, do you censor yourself at all? I go with my gut, however, I DO censor myself to a point. I love the word “fuck” but try not to use it all of the time because my Mom reads this blog and she doesn’t care for the word at all, AND excessive use of the word just points to a lack of a broad vernacular.   I have a big vocabulary and I like to use it.  I also don’t write the really snarky responses to some things that I want, reminding myself that I need to take a deep breath and let go of those things that bring out the “snark”.
  13. What will you never, ever, ever, like totally ever write about and why not? Hmm. I’m not sure. Generally I don’t try to air my “dirty laundry” out on my blog… it’s uncivilized, but I’ve mentioned some of my “dainties” before. How about I just try to AVOID writing about my dirty laundry and the rest, well… just remains to be seen.
  14. Can you write a post for me? Sure! Just let me know.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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2 Responses to A prompt (and response) from She’s a Maineiac

  1. I’m the same way. Getting those thoughts out of my head. It’s like a compulsion. I also prefer small groups of people and was seriously shy when I was younger.

    I agree about being called a writer, too. I think if you’re writing at all, making an effort, you are a writer for sure.

    My in-laws read ALL of my posts, so this is the main reason I don’t use the F word. I will throw in a “shit” here and there. They think it’s funny though. I couldn’t agree more that if you’re using swears too much, to me, it’s lazy writing.

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