Damn you infomercials!

I like to get up early in the morning and this week has been no exception.  Sadly, I’ve been unable to write as much as I would like due to just being busy (sorry for the lack of posting, Dear Readers).  This morning I found myself bleary-eyed, sipping my coffee with remote in hand and the last channel watched… whatever it was, had an infomercial for the NutriBullet.

Hand my my credit card and cell phone, Stat!

I’m fascinated by infomercials and my reaction to them.  I still in utter fascination, sometimes slack-jawed, watching and listening to every benefit of the newest, latest and greatest product.  By the end I’m sitting in wonder at why I don’t own this product RIGHT NOW?!

Now, because of the NutriBullet, I am wondering:

  • Why am I still bothering with that pesky chewing action, just pulverize and drink my food.
  • Goji berries… where DO I buy them?
  • I MUST be suffering from a hormone imbalance because the spokesman said I was.
  • I need more years added to my life if I’m to attain my goal of surpassing Yoda.

Like the Steam Shark and the Total Gym, I’m going to end up watching the infomercials every time I come across them.  My fascination will resume and by the end I’ll be asking myself why I haven’t purchased these products already?!

What infomercials do you get sucked into watching in fascination?

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4 Responses to Damn you infomercials!

  1. timbo2six says:

    I’d be more likely to watch “Dance Moms” than an infomercial. EVER. If that’s all that’s on its time to pick up a book. But that’s me.

  2. My Hubbo LOVES infomercials! He will watch one about anything! We can’t afford any of that crap and we don’t have space for it anyway, but I’ll be damned if I can’t help watching them with him! Interestingly enough, the last one we watched was about the Bullet Juicer thing!

    • They are so addictive!! I agree about the can’t afford/no room issue. If I got a Total Gym, it’d have to live out in the barn where it’d be “out of sight/out of mind” and wouldn’t get used. I have very little spare room in my kitchen, so new “toys” have to be considered with “where will it live when not in use”. It pains me that my Kitchen Aid mixer lives on my counter top – it takes up valuable space.

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