Copyright 2013 JS Photo

Copyright 2013 JS Photo

So, you want me to work for you, write for you or you think I’m just so gosh-darn awesome you wanted to drop me a note in the ol’ email inbox?  To that I say, FANTASTIC!

I like hearing from people, especially if it means I get to earn some peanuts*!

Want to know what my dream job is?  I’ve been asked that a few times now and I keep blurting out the same thing, “I want to do what Anthony Bourdain does!  Travel, meet people, drink, eat and write.”  That is my DREAM JOB!  I may have to create it for myself; in the meanwhile – I’m freelancing it!

You can send an email to me at: Muse at musingsoftheamusingmuse dot com.  (I hate having to type it out that way… damn spammers)

Or, you can use the handy-dandy contact form at the end of this page.  How awesome is that?!  I tried to make it easy for you… cause I’m nice like that.

I know it’ll be difficult to stop yourself, but please remember:

    • I’m married.  Happily, too, even after nearly two decades together.  Thanks for keeping it in your pants.
    • *I don’t actually work for peanuts.  I love ’em, but they don’t buy me plane tickets.  They also don’t keep me in gluten-free baked goods, wine or cheese.

Where you can find my writing other than where you are right now?
-HomeClothesFree’s blog, contributor
-AANR.com, contributor
-N Magazine, contributor

Fascinated by my writing style?  Want to pay me to travel the world and write about it?  Just think I’m swell and you would like to chat about a project over coffee?  Want to know what I think about string theory?  You can ask those questions and many more by sending me an email!

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