07/21/2012 Question of the Day

Who is your ideal road trip companion?  Where would be your ideal road trip destination?

My ideal road trip companion… I have my Mom to thank for my love of the “Road Trip”.  Growing up she’d say, “Let’s go for a ride.  We’ll get in the car and see where it takes us.”  From her example, I learned that it didn’t matter what the destination.  What mattered was the journey.  The trip.  The jaunt.

Just getting in the car and driving, seeing where you end up and not caring where that is – that’s the first and foremost important quality in my road trip companion.  The next quality is being flexible with where you stop along the way.  The goofier the sidetrack, the better.  A double-decker outhouse in Booger Hollow, Arkansas – you betcha!  The Concrete Park?  Of course!  You get the idea.

My ideal road trip companion also shuns fast food restaurants (Road Rules state that you must stop at eateries you have not been to before, and fast food restaurants are to be avoided unless it’s the only place around).  Trips with people who MUST stop at McDonald’s because they’re afraid of what might possibly being served at the shanty on the road side are NO FUN.  What’s wrong with some moose sausage or alligator nuggets?

Thankfully, I married a damn good Road Trip Companion.  He’s up for a road trip most of the time.  When I see something that looks interesting, he obliges me and pulls over and vice versa.  He and I are more than happy to try new eateries, and we’ve found some gems.

Today… we’re on a road trip.

How about you?

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2 Responses to 07/21/2012 Question of the Day

  1. My ideal road trip companion would be my own muse….Kat and we planned a trip to Toronto this year but now have to fly. So I say her and I do Route 66 or the Trip along the Paicfic coast right down to Baja…with the Ventura Higway thrown in for fun. Fantasy road trip person would be Kieth Richards or Carlos Santana with acoustic guitars and my harmonica. The trip would encompass the entire, road accessible North American Coast. Sometimes camping, sometimes crashing at swanky joints….back roads or main roads….no pretentious bastards/bitches allowed.

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