Old School Tweets

On my way into Madison and on the way back home I pass a house that has a sign where the gentleman who lives in said house posts messages… birthdays, anniversaries and sometimes… other things.  I decided I need to share these “Old School Tweets” with the world.

We’re going to start you off with this gem…

I don’t want to think about unchanged underwear…

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4 Responses to Old School Tweets

  1. Hahahahaha! I love the effort to make his own replacement letters. I think I love this guy!

    • I’ve been taking pictures of his signs now for about a year for my own personal giggles, but decided I had to share with the world. Someone actually dropped off letters for him at one point and he had a message out there the next day thanking the anonymous donor. If I ever find letters for a sign like that – I’ll drop them off for him – though I DO like the homemade letters. 😀

  2. The homemade letters are awesome! He went to a lot of trouble for that one! There’s a house near my parents’ that has a new sign about once a week, but they just spray paint a piece of plywood. This took much more effort! LOL! Can’t wait to see more.

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