An Ode to Eddie

6/6/1999 – 7/13/2012

Friday the 13th of July turned out to be a sad day indeed.

Eddie, DH’s dog turned Neighborhood Watchman at my Mom’s house, passed away.

Let me tell you about Ed.  He was from the first litter of pups his mom, Lacey, brought into the world.  Ed was a happy puppy, his tongue was always hanging out and he and his littermates would run around the yard, playing hide-n-seek under the horse trailer.  Ed, for some reason, always hit his head on the underside of the trailer, this developing a “cone head”.

Now, because he was always hitting his head and his tongue was always hanging out, not to mention his coloring (merle), Ed got his name from the movie The Lion King.  Specifically, the character, “Ed” the hyena.

Shiloh and Ed camped on the couch.

Ed eventually moved into our first house with us, and he and I had to establish who was Alpha Dog.  I won.  He growled at me once when he was about 6 months old and I growled right back.  We went one round where I came out decisively victorious.  Ed and I had an understanding after that… he did what I told him to.

Ed never took to living in the house.  He peed on my houseplants, really didn’t like walking on smooth floors and overheated when inside.  He was an outdoor dog.

Ed loved his belly rubs.  With a wriggle of my fingers he’d flop over, tongue lolling out waiting for his belly to be rubbed.  When it ended, he was up and racing in joy.

Ed also had a job he took very seriously – Neighborhood Watchman.  Great job in the country, not so great in the city.  He hated the city bus for some reason and when he’d hear it coming, he’d run out into the street barking at it.  I threatened to break his neck for him if he kept running out in front of the bus… of course, I wouldn’t do that, I loved the lout.

We moved and due to a cranky landlord, the dogs all had to move to “Grammie and Grampie’s House” for a while.  When we bought our next house, Ed stayed at the farm.

Ed did a great job of tattling on the horses when they got out of their pasture or Mozan unhooked himself from his tie in the barn.  Ed would announce when strange vehicles were driving in the area and protecting mom’s ’65 Mustang from eager motorheads.

I’ll miss Eddie eagerly jumping in his kennel or at the side of the car when we arrived to visit.  His happy side-to-side “dancing” as the car doors opened and how he had to “kiss” us goodbye when we were leaving.

Mom and “kids” (Left to Right): Casey, Shiloh, Lacey (mom), RCA and Eddie in the back.

Who’s a good boy, Eddie?  Are you a good boy?  Yes you are!  Eddie’s a good boy!  Get your belly, Eddie!  I’ll get your belly!

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3 Responses to An Ode to Eddie

  1. Sorry for your loss…Who’s a little Eddie weddie woo woo? Can you tell I have a dog? My heart breaks for you…

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