06/23/2012 Question of the Day

What is something (an event, a commercial, anything) that you really look forward to happening/seeing that others might think strange?

For me the answer is:  taking the car through the car wash.

I don’t take the car through the automatic car wash very often, because of the water usage, etc., but I really love going through the car wash.  I always have.

I remember as a kid the big, raggy things that swished back and forth and the danger they posed to the car antenna.  The huge rotating brushes fascinated me as well, but nowadays, we have the touch-free wash…. with TRI-FOAM!

I get a bit giddy when it’s car wash time, and DH looks forward to it as well; those times I have gone through on me own, he often pouts and mutters, “You went without me?”

I love everything about the process, from the underbody flush to my favorite, the tri-foam protectant.  The yellow, pink and blue foam that sputters out onto the car and smells like circus peanuts or cotton candy (neither of which I really care to eat).  I like to watch it slowly slip down the windows, and my car has a moon roof, so I watch the bubbles as they move around on that window as well.

yes… I had my camera with me in the car wash

Yes, I really do look forward to going through the car wash, I don’t care if it’s silly or not.

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