08/05/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 212-218

Good…. EVENING, Dear Readers!

Another whirlwind week of work is behind me and today was my only day off in two weeks time.  I’m home on the couch watching A&E’s show, Hoarders, and getting this post written and published.  Let’s begin…

Work.  Work at Jobs 1 & 2 were both good.  I head back in tomorrow for more of #1 and finish out the second half of the week and the weekend at #2.

Today, DH and I headed to the Wisconsin State Fair.  We got there about an hour after the gates opened and had to wait a long time to get in the gates, but we got in and I got to wander through all of the barns excepting the horse barn (was closed while pulling horses were getting prepped for their competition).  I also didn’t get to see the pigs as they were judging and that area was closed off.

DH and I shared a cream puff, watched some horse pulling and saw the exhibits.  We walked a lot of the midways and even rode the Sky Glider to finish our time at the Fair.  We “topped” the day off with a stop for frozen custard at Kopp’s.

On our ride back home, we witnessed a truck towing a camper, jack knife, flip and roll in the oncoming traffic.  Scary, surprising and thankfully we saw the people in the truck moving and lots of other drivers stopping to assist.  DH sat quiet in thought and then said that it’s amazing how fast it all happened, as we’re so used to seeing that sort of thing happen in slow-motion on TV or in movies.  He also thought how it was strange that there we were, driving along at 70 mph watching all kinds of other vehicles heading toward the accident site, completely unaware of what just happened.

I will apologize for the lack of mirth in my writing today – it’s been a long, tiring week – but on that note, we’ll get to the search terms!  The award for Top Search Term goes to: victoria’s secret love my body campaign.  Congratulations Vickie’s Secret and congratulations to my post that brought you all here.  This week’s Honorable Mention goes to:  farkle disease.  I know that playing Farkle can be addicting, but…. a disease?!

Now for the facts!

Random Facts 212-218

Random Fact #212 – I love taking the car through the car wash.

Of course… you all realized that when I wrote about that here.

Random Fact #213 – I could eat the same meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with little if any variance and be perfectly happy with it if the food is good and I enjoy it.

Boring, I know – but if I ate the same menu every day – think of the simplification!  Same shopping list every week.  Same coupons.  Easy, Peasy!

Random Fact #214 – I do not like to be *poked* on Facebook by people I don’t know.

One of the fastest ways for me to think, “Why in Hell are you POKING me?!” or “Excuse me?!  Do I KNOW you?!”  Yeah, I don’t recommend *poking* me if you don’t know me.  I believe people should introduce themselves first (personal messages are a great way to do that) before they go poking things where they shouldn’t.

Random Fact #215 – I carefully fold my straw wrappers up as small as I can whenever I’m sitting to eat at a restaurant.

Apparently this is a family trait.  I tend to fold in halvsies.  Half, then half, then half again and so on until I’ve got a teensy, little bit of paper.

Random Fact #216 – When I get food that comes in a paper wrap, I always unwrap the item, fold the edges of the paper, eat the item and then fold up the paper as small as I can get it.

I discovered that I should have said, “almost always”.  This is harder to accomplish when you’re in a car or sitting in grandstand seats watching horse pulls.

Random Fact #217 – I believe in hand-written Thank You notes.

Yes, yes I do.  I actually still send hand-written notes to many people (mostly because they don’t have email).  Don’t you feel pretty excited and special when you get a random letter or card in the regular mail?  I know I do; I like to think that’s universal.

Random Fact #218 – I have a scar on my forehead from sliding into the corner of a console TV when I was 3.

That was a bloody mess.  Loretta, the babysitter (more stories on her another time), had cleaned the floor in the hallway and when I got up from my nap and came running down the hall, I slipped and crashed into the console TV.  No stitches but a lot of blood later and I was just fine.

Thank you for stopping in for a spell!  Check back again next week.

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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