06/24/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 170-176

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

For those of you tuning in this week, let me first express that I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.  Mine has been good.  It’s been very hot here in Wisconsin and my part of the state is in need of some RAIN!  The corn that isn’t being irrigated is starting to curl up and take on the look of yucca plants.  My yard has gone mostly dormant and since I don’t water it – it’ll stay that way until we get some rain.

The poor chickens have been overly warm and have backed off on the egg laying.  A search for my fan for the barn resulted in DH realizing that the fan died last year and I hadn’t replaced it; that brought up the topic of installing a temperature-controlled fan at the peak of the roof to help with the heat.  We’ve talked about it every summer since we bought the farmstead, but have just relied on box fans.  This year might be the year for the “fancy” barn fan.

As many of you readers know, I enjoy scheduling my blog posts and this weekend has been no exception – I’ve been gone to a Bachelorette Party in the north woods of Wisconsin at a friends cabin.  The last time I was at this cabin was 17 or 18 years ago and it marked my first and last attempts at water-skiing.  I kept a count… I tried 16 times to get up on the skis the first day, and once more the next day.  Failures every time.  I have great strength in my legs… but apparently upper-body – not so much.  I’ll report on the weekend festivities once I return!

Last weekend I attended the Monroe Balloon Rally, hoping to see the evening launch of the hot air balloons.  I didn’t get to see it as the launch was scrubbed last minute due to storm cells and high winds.  I’ll post my images from that later this week.

Now… to the Search Mobile!

This weeks top search:  Happy Birthday Wishes.  Again.  Really.  Really?!  Yes…. really.

Honorable Mention search goes to:  how to enjoy before world end.  Okay… I can’t make this stuff up – that is an actual search.  LOL.  How to enjoy…. “what” before world end?  I don’t know.  Let’s go with “how to enjoy yourself before the world ends”.  Firstly, chances of the world ending in my lifetime is far more remote than the chances of my bring struck by lightning, and considering I’ve had three close calls with lightning – I’d say those are good odds.  Have you created a “Bucket List” yet?  No?  Well get writing!  List things that you’d really like to do before the end of the planet.  Travel to exotic locations.  Get a professional manicure.  Whatever it is that you want to do – write it down and get it done.  Live your life with a seize the day kind of attitude!  Still not sure how to enjoy life?  Man, there might not be any hope for you.

Just stick to the facts Ma’am…

Random Facts 170-176

Random Fact #170 – Pictures – or it didn’t happen.

This one goes hand-in-hand with “No pictures and deny, deny, deny.”  LOL.  Words to live by.

Random Fact #171 – I prefer a social calendar to be hand-written than electronic.

I think I should qualify that with “so far”.  My semi-smart phone is not up to the task, and things on the calendar get shuffled around too much for me to consider putting them in electronic form right now.

Random Fact #172 – I appear to be an extrovert, but I’m really quite the opposite – I have to force myself to have a conversation with most people.

This really comes down to the fact that I don’t like to bother people, and I have a hard time “reading” people and deciding if they would enjoy company or rather be left alone.  I opt for leaving people alone.  I will talk a persons ear off though if they initiate conversation and aren’t too strange.

Random Fact #173 – I NEED time alone.

When I traveled to Croatia, DH has to explain to our hosts the first time I disappeared that I had to have time alone.  This wasn’t something they’d heard of before, and initially they were somewhat offended, but DH covered for me.  I must have time by myself or I get really cranky.  Really cranky – like have a tantrum/meltdown and cry kind of tantrum.  I also need a lot of time alone, probably more than the average person.

Random Fact #174 – I keep parts of my personality/self hidden from everyone.

I think this is a fact for everyone.  I don’t think about this very much, but occasionally I notice a part of my personality that I haven’t shared with this person or that person, and my reaction is more of an “Oh, isn’t that interesting” response, but I still am not prompted to share it.

Random Fact #175 – I would rather observe than speak…observation tells me more than words do.

I observe what people say, type, how they react to what they read or hear… body language.  Mannerisms.  I use all my senses to figure people out.

Random Fact #176 – The people who have wounded me most emotionally have all been online and I haven’t met them in person – true intentions are harder to see without face-to-face contact.

This one goes hand-in-hand with #175.  These are people who I couldn’t truly figure out because I never had a face-to-face conversation with them.  They said they were A when they were really B.  ‘Nuff said.

Thanks for tuning in and see you all back here again next Sunday!

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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7 Responses to 06/24/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 170-176

  1. Bravo for #175. You can learn a lot when you look and listen.
    Saayyy, when are those full frontal nudes you were talking about going to be, dare I say it , exposed???

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