06/03/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 149-155

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

I hope you’ve all had a productive week with lots of fun happenings.  This week around the farmstead…. I turned into The Incredible Hulk.  Sarah, Angry!  I am blaming it on hormones.  (Damn you, Hormones!  Damn you to HELL!  I shake my fist at you!)  I had one of those weeks where it felt like everyone was treating me like Yoda… and I think I know why he took off to Dagoba; it was because everyone wanted him to fix their problems, not to hide out from Emperor Palpatine.  So, since I don’t have a star fighter of my own and, well… I don’t know if Dagoba exists out there in the vast reaches of space, I stayed home and turned off all my text alerts.  I was good ‘n grumpy.  I’m allowed to get and be that way every once in a while.  Thankfully, I seem to have recovered completely.

In other happenings, there isn’t too much going on.  My greens in the garden are coming up nicely.  I planted bush beans, bell peppers, ancho peppers and turnips in raised bed number two.  I also spent a lot of time pulling weeds from the flower beds and “dead heading” the flowers.  Today I plan on hitting a hosta sale and an iris show – yes, I DO lead an exciting life.

Now, let’s get to the search terms.  Seems that the most popular search of the week was:  what is the difference between a soul mate and a soul friend.  Well Dear Searchers – I would have to say that the difference is in how you define what makes a mate or a friend.  Both will teach you about yourself.  You love and accept these people for exactly who they are, not what you want them to be.  A Soul Friend can be a Soul Mate if romantic involvement comes about, but it doesn’t always – though often there is deep affection.  Soul Friends and Mates may or may not be in your life forever and when or if it’s their time to leave, you allow them to continue their journey without you.

The Honorable Mention Search Term this week is :  whore by “how are you?”.  I’m confused.  I have no idea what this means.  I’m assuming that this is a song and singer/group?  I’m leery of looking this one up myself… can any brave soul step forward and inform me what this search is looking for?

And that brings us to Facts!!  HOORAY, Facts!

Project 365:  Random Facts 149-155

Random Fact #149 – When I sneeze and I’m alone, I follow-up with “Bless me!  Thank you.  You’re welcome”.  I sometimes do that when another person is present.

I realize this one is strange… but I doubt that I’m the only person who responds to their own sneeze.  Come on… admit that you do the same or similar.

Random Fact #150 – I don’t like the word “mommy”.  Mom.  Mother. Ma. Momma. Mama.  All good, but “Mommy” annoys me.

This fact got a lot of activity on Facebook.  Naturally the Moms were vociferous in their comments.  Some loved it, some loved it only when their children were very young.  I accept it as a fact of life from young children… but if older children or adults say the word, it literally makes my stomach turn.

Random Fact #151 – Prior to dating the man who became my husband, I dated 45 different men.  DATED – you pervs.

There was a list once upon a time… it might be somewhere around the house even.  My college roommate and I came up with lists one night, including every guy we had gone out with, even if only on one date.  My mom told me not to fall for the first guy I dated, that I should play the field; so I did.

Random Fact #152 – I once caught a mole tunneling in my yard bare-handed, but I couldn’t dispatch it.  I laughed at how alike it was to a water-slinky, felt sorry for it and put it back into its tunnel.

…after all, it was just doing what moles do; couldn’t fault the little bugger for being itself.

Random Fact #153 – I don’t like cashews.

TRUTH!  Yeah, don’t like them.  I don’t like them by themselves.  I don’t like them in ice cream.  I don’t like them in “turtle” candy confections.  I don’t like them in Cashew Chicken.  More for the rest of you that DO like them.  BTW – did you know Cashews are related to Poison Ivy?  If you didn’t before – you do now.  You’re welcome.

Random Fact #154 – I don’t like to sleep face-to-face with anyone because I feel like I’ll suffocate.

Can’t do it.  I can’t Eskimo kiss my way to sleep.  I start off feeling claustrophobic, then like I’m going to suffocate and then I have to move my head/face away.

Random Fact #155 – I love bacon.

I don’t think I need to explain to people the awesomeness of bacon… there are too many ways in which it is utterly awesome.  Bacon makes it better.

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8 Responses to 06/03/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 149-155

  1. Bacon, yes bacon is very good. My favorite is Wright® Brand Maple Flavored Bacon fried up in the trusty old iron skillet. Unfortunately it seems that when I do cook it I do the whole package and between my wife, daughter and myself it does not last long. Thankfully to our waistlines we do not have it that often! Thanks for the info on Cashews and poison ivy, always good to learn something new!

    • You’re welcome! I’m actually allergic to Poison Ivy – nearing the “if I look at it I’ll get a rash” extreme – and it grows EVERYWHERE around my house. Thankfully, its a rare person that reacts to cashews due to an allergy to Poison Ivy.

  2. this is brilliant! Who doesn’t like cashews and who actually knows the number of people they dated past 20? You are damn funny!

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