06/02/2012 Question of the Day

Where would your ultimate vacation home be if money were no object?  What would it look like?

Well, here’s the thing… I see pictures of people’s vacation homes and I think, “I’m glad I don’t have to clean that place…” My first house was a little under 800 square feet.  My second house was about 1200 square feet.  My current house is 1400 square feet (give or take) and there are two rooms that are rarely used, bringing the used space back down to about 1100 square feet.  I don’t need a lot of space.

My favorite place to vacation is the beach – a warm beach.  I think I would pick my vacation home to be on some laid-back, quiet island in the Caribbean (unless I find other quiet islands in the Pacific one day), near the beach with productive fruit trees in the yard and a hammock (or more) swinging under palm trees.  The house would have a large kitchen with lots of seating at the counter, because in my house, when people are over, the busiest room in the place is the kitchen and dining area.  It’d have an outdoor kitchen (I have one now) that isn’t too big, but allows for grilling etc.  There would be an outdoor shower and tub – no pool though, because that’s what the beach is for.

The bedrooms wouldn’t be huge – you’re on an island… sleep outside.  There would be a large covered porch with seating for the times it rained, and somewhere on the lot would be a patio or porch with a great view of the water.  There would be storage for snorkel gear and somewhere I’d have a boat.

Why would I not want a big place?  I wouldn’t spend all my time cooped up inside.  Someone has to clean the place and the bigger it is, the more time spent cleaning… and I don’t care for the idea of hiring someone to clean up my daily messes.  (Frugality alert!)  It’s a vacation home – if people come to visit me while I’m there, I would want to see them – a bigger house means I don’t see them as much.

Yes, I think that’d be the perfect vacation house… I’d want to live there all the time.

So how about you, Dear Readers?

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8 Responses to 06/02/2012 Question of the Day

  1. Tom Baker says:

    This is a hard question. The world is so big and the problem of supplies and doctors and the like, depending where you want to go. All things considered, I think an island in the southern hemisphere. Only one report of a hurricane type storm in the southern half of the world. A private island where I could still be nude and not have to worry, except for those pesky spy satellites.

  2. Warm beaches, warm houses near warm beaches, warm bodies inside warm houses near warm beaches. Did I mention my ideal place for a vacation would be someplace, anyplace warm? Being from Maine and here it is June and I’ve stoked up the woodstove yet again this morning…I want to be someplace warm!

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