I didn’t want to talk to them anyway…

Telemarketers SUCK!

The hang-up.  We all get them, particularly at the office, and usually from Robo-Dialers.  I hate those damn Robo-Dialers.  A typical workday at the office sees me answering the phone for about a dozen hang-ups; add to that at last 2-4 phone calls from “Rachel from Cardholder Services” (that bitch!), and then there are the calls from Big State Industrial Supply where “Michael” (not his real name I imagine, and he likes to attempt to change his voice – it doesn’t work) likes to sexually harass me when I tell him the boss isn’t around (thankfully I haven’t heard from him in a while).  I’ve determined that my normal greeting takes me 4.5 seconds to get out (in one breath), multiplied by an average of 15 hang-ups and Auto Message calls, and that is 1 minute, seven and a half seconds of my day wasted.  You know what?  I didn’t want to talk to them anyway…

Rachel REALLY needs to stop...

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