Pre-Birthday Shopping

I turn 36 on Monday (HUZZAH!).  I’m not one of those people who pretends to be 29 forever.  Quite frankly, I think that one day I will cease to look 29, and WILL at some point look older.  Honestly, I don’t know how old I look… nobody ever guesses I’m in my thirties, and if they’re just being nice, to that I say, “You Bastards!”  I DO know how old I feel, which thankfully, for the majority of the time, isn’t a day over twenty-two.

For my birthday, I bought myself a wine tasting for 16 people from Wines for Humanity (it was via Groupon); there will be 14 people in attendance on Saturday for this tasting.  I decided during conversation with my friend Jeff, that I needed a Birthday Tiara, and he agreed.  I’ve never owned a tiara of any variety, so I think a Birthday Tiara would be very appropriate (my name DOES, after all, mean “Princess“).  I mentioned this plan to DH, and he responded (after laughing), “Are you going to wear this to the wine tasting?”  To which I replied, “Of COURSE!”  He went on to say if I wasn’t working, that he’d have gone to Party City to get one for me, which is just the sort of thing he would do.  He’s pretty awesome like that.  (Good GOD!  There are EIGHT PAGES of tiaras on their website!  Okay… not really, after page 3 they really run out of tiaras and it’s just random headgear.)

Then I wondered if I could find a scepter there….

Okay… found this…It’ll do.

Behold! The Birthday Princess!

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2 Responses to Pre-Birthday Shopping

  1. edrevets says:

    Hobbits give each other presents on their birthdays and I think it is a truly wonderful idea.

    • Thank you! Our group of friends pretty much gave up giving gifts at “events”, be they birthdays, holidays, etc. We tend to spend time together, and usually for birthdays we all go out to dinner somewhere. This year it seems we’re going a different route and celebrating at home with “events”. Since we’re all wine drinkers and I got this deal for a mere fraction of what it normally costs – we are “spreading the joy”. Thanks for writing!

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