Do you really “LOL”?

Ahh, the acronym.  The texting shorthand.  The… LOL.  I started to ponder about the actuality of laughing out loud when using the acronym LOL.  How many people, in fact, really laugh out loud when chatting online or over their phone with someone?  I know that personally, I tend to LOTI much, MUCH more often than I actually LOL.  Sometimes when I LOL, what I really do is SNLOL.

What is LOTI and SNLOL?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  LOTI is the acronym I came up with (though I’m sure someone else has pondered this same thing) for: Laughing On The Inside.  I’m not literally Laughing Out Loud, just like I’m not actually “speaking” when I chat or text, or “yelling” when I type IN ALL CAPS.  I’m amused and I’m laughing on the inside… in my head.  Now, this takes us to SNLOL, which stands for: Snorting & Laughing Out Loud.  You know those humorous tidbits that make you lean back in your desk chair (or in my case… I’m on the couch) and guffaw loudly complete with a snort?  That’s what the SNLOL is.

There is also:

  1. LSHIPM (Laughed So Hard I Peed Myself) – inconvenient?  That Depends.  (get it?  Depends? …. Oh, I see… crickets….)
  2. LQTM (Laughs Quietly to Myself) – makes people who see you do this wonder what you’re up to
  3. SNLOLSHIC (Snorted & Laughed Out Loud So Hard I Cried) – this also leaves you looking like a gasping fish out of water.

Now this brings me to LMAO and LMFAO.  I’ve had to explain to my parents what these stand for in chatting/texting lingo.  I LOL’d over that.  Let’s take a look at LMAO.  Have I ever REALLY Laughed My Ass Off (or Laughed My Fucking Ass Off)??  If that happened in actuality, I wouldn’t have the backside I have now… chances are I’d have nothing but a skeleton left in that region.  It’s hard to find pants that fit properly as it is – if I were Triple Negative 0 in size, I imagine that I’d feel quite defeated when it came to jeans shopping.  I’d honestly use SNLOL more often than LMAO/LMFAO if more people understood what SNLOL meant.

So now you have it – my goal is to spread the word, or at least the acronyms, for actual acts of laughing that make sense.  I’m going to push the use of LOTI, SNLOL and probably even SNLOLSHIC.  You’ve been warned… and that’s just another something I think about.

What other acronyms have you come up with?

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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7 Responses to Do you really “LOL”?

  1. iameno says:

    This is funny. I LSHIPM, LQTM, more that I LOL. All you have to do is keep using these acronyms when you text people, update your facebook, twitter, or whatever else & it will catch on.

  2. Bravo 🙂 I fear there may be waaaaay too many letters in your acronyms! Certain people use them for a reason – they can’t string a sentence together!! Imagine them trying to work out your ‘intelligent’ acronyms…oh how I chuckle (OHIC!) It will be fun to follow your quest 🙂

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  4. jimagain says:

    LSHIPM, definitely! Now everybody in the office is looking at me funny….

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