Fancy Coffee Friday: Thinking Warm Thoughts

Yesterday, I spent about four hours working on a post for the fine people over at Clothes Free Life. That was after spending a couple hours working on a rough draft for the same piece, written out longhand the other day. One thing I’ve learned over the year, particularly those since I’d started this blog, is that writing, at least writing that isn’t awful to read, takes time.

The piece I was working on (and still am – I feel it needs a bit more polish) took some mental power in spite of it being an opinion piece. I’ve found that a lot of what I want to say, with how my mind works, tends to come out in a giant blob of words. For you, the reader, to make sense of it takes work on my part so it doesn’t come out sounding like incoherent babbling. Perhaps someone, whose mind works like mine, would be able to untangle the blob, but it’s just easier for all involved, and good practice for me, if I do it myself.

So, all that time working on a post for CFL left me a bit mentally fried at the end of the day yesterday. I didn’t have the reserve brainpower to come up with something for my own blog until now.

We’ve had one snow storm already this season, frigid temperatures that we wouldn’t normally see until February, and the snow is falling once again. A preview of the storm that is to begin in earnest this evening – though honestly it looks like it’s starting now. Guilty of procrastinating, I started to flip through photos from the last few years, and I came across my photos from December 2014, when Mr Muse and I had been invited to join a tremendous group of people heading to Nosara, Costa Rica. We’d be joining the fine folks of N Magazine who were researching an article for clothes-free travel in the area.

Well, as I flipped through the images, I enjoyed all the memories that came back, including the feel of that closer-to-the-equator sun on me as I lounged in and around the pool at Casa Banda. If you’d like to read about the adventures in Costa Rica, you can do so here, here, here, and here!

Until then, enjoy this photo of fishing boats bobbing in the water at San Juanillo, Costa Rica.

Fishing boats in the water at San Juanillo, CR.

Fishing boats in the water at San Juanillo, CR.

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4 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Thinking Warm Thoughts

  1. Aging Cowgirl says:

    So, okay, really sunny here but if we are ucky, the temps will get to 0 degrees without nsideringwind. I could almost be tempted by fishing boats bobbing….

  2. ryan787887 says:

    Do you have a link to your article on CFL?

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