Fancy Coffee Friday: Under the Influence of Europeans

Al Fresco dining.

Al Fresco dining.

It’s pleasant right now.  The sun is shining, it’s a lovely 72 degrees F., the birds are singing and the sheep aren’t “yelling” at me as I sit on the screen porch to write this post and eat my dinner.  I have spent more time dining al fresco in the last six years than I have  my entire life prior to then.  I blame the Europeans in my life.

It had been my experience up to meeting and getting to know so many people who were from Europe that meals were had indoors at the dining table unless you were at a picnic or camping.  Offered the option of dining on the patio at a restaurant? No thank you!  I’ll be eating among the civilized folks in the safety of the small indoors.  Then we had the winter of 2012-2014. It finally ended last month after having a six month grip on us here in Wisconsin.  Inquiries about meals out with friends began with, “…somewhere with a patio would be nice.”  Indeed!

When an entire population is forced to spend so much time in the small and narrow indoors for fear of hypothermia and frost bite, the first opportunity to get outside and relax is seized upon with fervor.  Such was the situation this spring.  We were thrust from freezing temperatures to those in the 80’s and I promised myself that after the long, and seemingly never-ending winter, I would not complain about the heat.  And so far I haven’t felt the need or desire to.

And so it seems to go with my friends from Europe.  They’re mostly from Sweden (from the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of the country) where long winters are spent drinking* and as soon as the winter shows a hint of turning nice – they head outside.  When I was in Croatia – dining happened outside.  So then it seemed that Mr. Muse and I caught the al fresco bug and actually started to use our screened porch for spending time outside somewhat safely protected from mosquitoes.

It’s pleasant right now.  The birds are singing.  A woodpecker is hammering on a fencepost, announcing it’s territory.  The sheep are bedded down under a white pine and my dinner is done.  I’m enjoying my gin and tonic on the screened porch under the influence of Europeans.

*Never attempt to out-drink a Swede.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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8 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Under the Influence of Europeans

  1. jsvexperimental says:

    What are those birds signing and when did they learn how to write?

  2. The only thing I’ve got against the al fresco dining bit, is, and it may be the conversation or dress code, no one is certain, but a decent number of flies, and the odd wasp often try and gate-crash the event, and you know how attention seeking these insects can be. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • You know, insects didn’t appear to be a problem when I was in Croatia other than the odd wasp. Here in Wisconsin, I’m dealing with swarms of insects comparatively speaking – at least on the screened porch the insects aren’t much of an issue.

  3. aging cowgirl says:

    The saddle club began a tradition of “Soup in the woods” in February a few years back. I’ve not yet gotten up the nerve to freeze my buns in trade for conversation and soup when it typically is snowing and blowing. Some souls are hardier than I – but not too many!

  4. John says:

    I think attempting to out-drink a Swede would be a lot of fun 🙂

    We transitioned from Winter in May — so, the outside, all of the time, is wearing off. Heck, the other day, in 90-something (temps & humidity), I caught myself clamoring for fall. It ended quickly, though. We’re in the “cool thunderstorm” & lightning bugs portion of the year, which is kind of cool…and your post reminds me that I need new patio furniture. STAT.

    • If your idea of fun involved drinking until you throw up and then drinking more – then it would be a lot of fun. 😛 I’ve been there. I don’t like to throw up. Not fun.

      As for the thunderstorms – we had a couple doozies last night and more on deck for tonight. We were spared from last nights tornadoes, so we’re hoping tonight will be the same.

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