Sunday Morning and Under Siege

They have hatched.

As soon as you step foot outside of the safe confines of the house, they swarm around you.  Their whine, like that of so many microscopic fighter jets, fills your ears as they cloud around your face delivering salvos with rapid repetition to you tender flesh.


I was going to try taking some fireworks photos on Friday night as the show was supposed to start at dusk.  I waited an hour and when it looked like it still wasn’t anytime close to the fireworks crew getting set up and I was dealing with a little hoard of flying syringes determined to take my blood, I packed up my gear and headed back home.  Upon inspection of the flesh that was exposed (and some that wasn’t), Mr. Muse and I guesstimated that I had at least six dozen bites, mostly on my lower legs.  Chances are, I had a lot more than that.

And probably a case of Bird Flu, but I won’t dwell.

Why so many bites you ask?  Well, I’m allergic to pretty much every insect repellant I have tried on the market.  I’ve tried spraying it on my clothes, but what ends up seeping through the fabric and then my skin has the same effect as if I were to spray it directly on my skin: hives.  It’s great.

So yes, I’m allergic to not just sunscreen, but insect repellent, too.

Mr. Muse is currently out and about with the string trimmer and has a task in the yard for afterwards that will require my assistance.  I’m not looking forward to being eaten alive, but as he understands my plight, he makes every effort to be quick.

So, besides bundling up from stem-to-stern like it’s a chilly fall day, what else do I do to attempt to protect myself from the flying armada?  A few years ago, Mr. Muse and I found the Don’t Bite Me! Patches that are Vitamin B1 (thiamin) and Aloe Vera.  We tried them out and they seemed to work decent.  I’d forgotten that we had some patches still around, albeit in the camper… where they would have frozen during the winter, and slapped one on yesterday.  It didn’t seem to work, though yesterday was my first patch.  It could have been because the patches froze, they needed more time to take affect (minimum of 2 hours is needed) or these mosquitoes “ain’t got no time for that”.  I’m hoping it works today.  My issue with these patches, however, is that I am allergic to some adhesives.

Oh yes.  You read that right.  Adhesives.  So, in attempting to prevent bites and itching from mosquitoes, I may end up with a rash from the stick-um on the back of the patch.  Believe me, I discovered the hard way that I had to stick with Band-Aid brand (or Walgreen’s brand) bandages as Curad gives me a big, red rash right where it sticks to my skin.

With that, I will do a quick recap of my week (other than working):

Finished reading “A Lake where Spirits Live” on the history of Devil’s Lake State Park.  I’m still working on “The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales” and “Ulysses”.

Mr. Muse and I finished watching the series “Long Way Round” with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.  It’s a documentary on their round-the-world trip almost completely on motorcycles.  “Long Way Down” is next on the list, where they travel down to the Horn of Africa on motorcycles.

I had a post about my Big Ass News and realized I forgot to add that (an) image(s) taken by William Zuback are in a gallery showing.  Also, I bought a t-shirt supporting his Identity project and that should be arriving shortly.  WOO HOO!

Lastly – I’m working on curtains for the camper.  Crocheted curtains, which is different than the quilted ones I originally thought because the quilted curtains would effectively be “black out curtains” and we wanted SOME light to come in through the windows.  I’ll have yarn leftover, so that’ll get stitched up into more things for the camper: blanket, pillows, etc.

On that note – I better go put on some long pants and long sleeves.  The string trimmer is silenced and that’s my cue.

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4 Responses to Sunday Morning and Under Siege

  1. I’m not a fan of mosquitos myself but I did enjoy that ‘Long Way Round’ series when they showed it here. What a fantastic adventure

  2. Seriously, mosquitoes are the absolute worst. And to be allergic to repellant — oh my, you’ve really got your work cut out for you! (May I suggest summers in New Mexico?)

    Hope your week is both relatively free of those insufferable insect fighter jets and wonderful!

    • lol I have family in New Mexico! I’m one of those “freaks” during summer that is often seen wearing a hoodie and long pants with the Off! personal fan clipped on. All the cool kids wear them! Honestly, if there is the slightest breeze – they don’t seem to work at all.

      The weekend went okay – I made it through the holiday with less than 100 bites… I think. I could be wrong, but thankfully they don’t ALL itch!

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