Friday’s BIG ASS NEWS!

Can I just say that 2013 is turning into a TOTALLY AWESOME year?!

Wait, I think I said it.  *looks*  Yep.  I did.  I said it.

2013 is turning into a TOTALLY AWESOME year!!!!!!

This is me... on Super Excited Mode.

This is me… on Super Excited Mode.

I feel like I need to stick a party horn in everyone’s mouth and give them one of those party spinner noise maker thingies.

Okay.  So, as some of you who have been following along at home know, I made it into the 2013 calendar for The Naturist Society as Ms. May.

GOD! I squeal like a girl!!

GOD! I squeal like a girl!!

 I was asked to be a model, and a staff member, for Bare Necessities Big Nude Boat AND was asked to write for the Home Clothes Free blog on my experience.  (By the way – I was asked to join them again on the Nieuw Amsterdam in 2014 and I said…. YES!)

Cruise with more naked people?!  Hellz to the YEAH!

Cruise with more naked people?! Hellz to the YEAH!

I was asked to write a story about being a “Naturist Model” for N Magazine – which was published!!!

Then…. THEN!!!!!  I found out Wednesday, that I had an image published on the ISLANDS Magazine Blog (Slide #1)!

AND – to top it all off… Keep your eyes peeled for possible image(s) in the October 2013 ISLANDS Magazine by the very charming, Shelly Strazis, of yours truly!!!   IN PRINT!  In a Nationally distributed travel magazine!!!!

omg... I think I'm going to hyperventilate...

omg… I think I’m going to hyperventilate…

Seriously, for all of these events I have to give a HUGE thank you to, Michael Cooney, the photographer who “made it all happen”.  I cannot thank that man enough (and he even ate GOAT at my house!!)

I have to also thank my parents for subscribing to National Geographic magazine.  All those “natives” were on to something and being naked isn’t shameful!

I have a HUGE grin plastered on my face.

I’m squealing.

Can you say, “Awesome?”

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11 Responses to Friday’s BIG ASS NEWS!

  1. I am so happy for you! I have my party horn going at full speed…whoot! The pictures gave me a big ole smile today…so funny.

  2. AWESOME!!! Good on you, friend! Look forward to hearing more great news.

  3. smoothalx says:

    Congratullations! We may meet you at the Nude Amstwrdam cruise. Still do not know if we can make it but we’re trying.

  4. That’s something to be very happy about.

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