It just snowballs from there…

The written word; sometimes we nail it, sometimes we don’t.

It seems that in recent years, due to the increase of written communication on the computer and not in handwritten letters, there are more occasions where what I’m reading or what I’m sending is being misread, misinterpreted and just plain misunderstood.  Even in face-to-face communications, the computer has lessened our ability as primates to interpret physical cues as to what a person truly feels in spite of what they are speaking.  So what is a person to do?

If you’re like me, once realization has set in that there has been a misunderstanding and a conversation has gone from a simple inquiry or statement to “Well JEEZ!  Why are you being so difficult!? (I would currently be the difficult one), you start to hold up the mental stop sign, go back to where you think the train left the tracks and repair any damage you can, righting the cars as you go.  I imagine that it’s much easier with a model train than a full-sized one.

I appeared to have found myself in that situation last night over modeling images.  Mr. Muse pointed out that at the new job, it would probably not be the best idea to talk about modeling and with the conclusion of his words, I got a message in my inbox from a photographer.  I hit the mental panic button.  Holy shit!  Yeah!  And that led me to read the message completely wrong.  What started off as a snowflake ended up a beachball sized snowball before I figured out that I had to hold up that stop sign.

I didn’t talk about modeling much at my last job because it was construction and I didn’t need the guys I worked with off scouring the internet looking for images.  This new job is much more sensitive and I don’t need anyone from there scouring the internet looking for images either.

This bothers me because, A)  I’m proud of being part of the projects I’ve been part of, and B) I’m not bothered by nude images.  However, lots of people are bothered by nude images and my bank accounts would really like some padding.  And, well… working for “the man” sometimes requires conformity.

So, I keep things “mum”.

I haven’t written my last name on this blog, nor given out Mr. Muses name, to “protect the innocent”.  I have a pseudonym for modeling and I request not to be tagged by my real name in images on the Book of Faces.  I keep details about who I am private for very specific reasons, as I’m sure that all people do on some level.

Oh sure, there are people out there who search for my real name; I know because their searches show up in my stats.  One day, when I become a well-paid writer and can stamp my real name on everything – I’ll go there.  Until then, as I “work for the man”, that information will remain under wraps as best as I can contain it.

In today’s period of information overload, I think it all comes down to having our own version of the Hippocratic Oath, the Ten Commandments and that episode of Seinfeld, “The Race” all wrapped into one.

As a writer or blogger do you keep your identity/real name concealed to prevent issues in the home or work place?

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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6 Responses to It just snowballs from there…

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Ahhhh………the many misconceptions’ of nudity. As a professional couple we have at times worried about those same implications. However since we own our own businesses we have chosen to be honest when someone has approached us about our enjoyment of a nude lifestyle. Friends, family and business associates seem to have no issues with it. We also have some nude pics out on the internet but no one has ever mentioned seeing them. However when in the employ of others the mindset of the employer and co-workers is something to be wary of for sure. The last thing you need is some co-worker being creepy.

    • With the old job, it wasn’t a matter of being fired – it was the creep-factor.

      With the new job, it is a definite matter of being fired; or dealing with some sort of politician-scandal situation. Okay, maybe not that bad, but that what it feels like!

  2. alan says:

    I would say : Be safe and conceal names and links to anything that may cause drama or reason for concern with your new job! Plus broadcasting the modeling connection to the wrong element would definitely cause you a lot of stress ! Not that moonlighting as a model is a bad thing but its good to keep things professional and anonymous as much as possible ! Any professional photographer or model would respect your privacy and understand the boundaries ! Finding a way to invite those people into the element of your desire to embrace modeling or the photography field and at the same time avoiding attracting the creepy people or gestures is a struggle ! I wish you luck and am sure you will find a way ! I always forget that you model ! Then again it was your way with words and character that captured my attention! I like to think of you as that long lost sister that i never knew i had ! LOL Why ( you may ask )? Because sometimes i will be think about something that concerns me or bugs me and then all of a sudden you write an entire blog note about it ! I am kinda scared you may have mind reading powers ! LOL Seriously though ! Happy for you having a new job and wish ya lots of luck in the other adventures that you enjoy!

    • I agree! I’m thankfully “unsearchable” on Facebook (unless they changed settings to the contrary without my knowledge). My Amusing Muse FB page, my blog and Twitter accounts are only interconnected via my blog here, even my LinkedIn account does not have the links attached though I list myself as a freelance Model and have my TV commercial credits listed there. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky (and smart) to do research of photographers ahead of time and work with very professional people – so I’m not too concerned about them linking things in a way that they shouldn’t.

      Creepy people are the WORST! I’ve been through the stalker thing – those people need more constructive things to do with their time.

      And thanks! I don’t mind being thought of as the “long, lost sister” – it’s better than a few other things I can think of pre-coffee consumption. And as for the mind-reading… I’ve been accused on more than one occasion for having said abilities. One of the phrases used amongst my friends and family is “Ooooh, heavy brain waves!” when we say something exactly how the other person was thinking of saying something or a topic that was being brought up for discussion.

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