I survived!

The first day at the new job that is, which is a good thing because then I can still write this blog ‘n stuff for all you fans of my writing.

Ha!  See how I made that about you and not me?

Seriously though – I survived.  I even had to drop the “gluten free bomb” right away because my simple “No thank you” to the offer of grabbing a bagel in the kitchen was becoming insisted upon.  So I did it.  I played my “Get out of Gluten Free” card.  Which lead to a whole new conversation about being gluten-free.

Then I met the office “Foodie”, who was asking me about my cooking and baking habits and telling me how they were in charge of the grill during office grill-out sessions.  My inability to eat gluten came up and was met with a look of practically telling someone I had a dog die (or… you know, some other relative).

So, confession time:  I do not crave breadstuffs like I did before going gluten-free.

I used to wake up in the morning craving a multi-grain English muffin or toast slathered with peanut butter to start my day.  Out to dinner and there was a bread basket?  I’d descend upon that like a vulture on a road-killed deer.  Muffins or donuts at the office?  Get out of my way!

Now, with only the occasional passing of wistfulness as I pass by, and therefore smell if the breeze is blowing my way, Krispy Kreme donuts on my way into work I don’t think about breadstuffs at all.  I don’t include desserts in that mix however because I like my desserts and I DO feel a bit crestfallen when I see a lovely dessert that I can’t have…. cause you know.  Delicious, forbidden gluten.

So yeah.  I had the gluten talk.

I was also informed by the person who will be  my cohort that “[they] are a bit food-obsessed around [there]”.  Mental note made to make every effort to resist the temptation that is the giant jars of peanut M&Ms and the basket of mixed chocolate bars…. and the supply of soda in the fridge.  Additional mental note made to be sure that I get in my workouts and drink a LOT of water during the day.

I won’t be talking much about this new job other than in general terms due to the somewhat sensitive nature of what they do with children.

Yeah – I have a job where children are the focus.  Me, the person that doesn’t want kids.  Well, the good thing is – I really won’t be interacting with said children.  I don’t dislike kids, I just didn’t interact well with them even when I was a kid.

But anyway!  Day number two is on tap.  More learning the ropes.  More meeting people.

I got this.

And…. It’s Mr. Muse’s Birthday – he’s finally as old as I am!  For the next nine and a half months.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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11 Responses to I survived!

  1. Molly says:

    Congrats on the new job! Might as well get the gluten confessions out of the way early, I guess.

  2. Happy birthday to Mr. Muse! (Insert mental high-five here.) 🙂

    I hear you on having the gluten-free talk right off the bat at work; there was a bagel breakfast to welcome me to the office, and I didn’t want to look like an ingrate when I wouldn’t even touch the stuff. Sooo…the talk ensued.

    Good luck in your second day on the job!

  3. aging cowgirl says:

    Woo Hoo on making it to day 2 and congrats to the Birthday Boy. Might have to send him an email song. I was pretty sure I had the right date! Okay – back to working outside. Its not raining even though it is HUMID!

  4. Congrats on the new job! I hope it is a good fit for you! And Happy Birthday to Mr. Muse!

  5. Mariette says:

    Haha, the ‘are you seriously gluten free’ look. lol. I will admit that I’ve given this look on occasion… HOWEVER, I have known numerous people who have gone “gluten free” to ‘lose weight’, ‘drop some water’ etc etc and then expected me to conform to their requests at my barbecue…. Yes, I know it’s a well recognized issue; however, I will not buy gluten free buns for you if you’re being a pain in the ass in the name of some hidden cellulite I don’t care about…..

    *off soapbox because I know that mini-rant doesn’t apply to you*

    Sorry about that! I just wish people didn’t jump on the bandwagon and make it an issue for people who do actually have specific dietary needs!!

    I’m glad it’s taken off well at the new job! The first couple weeks are the toughest, keep me updated! And Happy Birthday to Mr. Muse! (I’m sure on some level he loves the random birthday wishes from the interwebs 🙂 )

    • HA! Yeah, I will accommodate allergies/intolerances in my house, but if people are switching up how they eat for some frivolous reason – I won’t go out of my way. I’ve brought my own GF pizza to a pizza party and will bring my own buns for cookouts. I only ask that if there is something I can’t eat that they let me know, and if they aren’t completely sure about something – I just don’t eat it to be on the safe side.

      Thanks on the new job and I’ll pass the wishes along to Mr. Muse!

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