How I spent my Sunday Afternoon

If you tuned in yesterday, I didn’t have a whole lot of talk about.  I was mellow.  Very, very mellow.  However, in spite of my mellow-mood, I still have a looming list of things that I should have been working on instead of puttering around and wasting time on Pinterest.  (Damn you Pinterest and your addicting qualities!!)

Mr. Muse had wrangled me into assisting in acquiring another load of stones to finish a retaining wall in front of the house.  I put on my hiking shoes, a stocking cap and grabbed my new pair of boars-hide work gloves.  My old pair made it to the trash can this week as well… there were a lot of holes and blow-out seams.  We loaded into the Explorer, including Shiloh the dog, and headed to our rock-picking spot.  The location is right along a county highway that gets decent traffic – and of course, everyone rubbernecks as soon as they see someone putting fallen rocks into their vehicle.  Thankfully, a couple years ago the county road crew went driving past when Mr. Muse was there, told him to take all he wanted because they just have to scoop them up and haul them away anyway… oh, and to watch out for the rattlesnake den – one of the largest and most populous in our area.  We’ve never seen a rattlesnake yet.

Rocks loaded and my fingers burning with nerve pain (Raynaud’s Phenomenon aka Raynaud’s disease), we headed back to the house where Mr. Muse worked on the retaining wall and I went back to puttering.  Then I felt guilty as I reminded myself I was going to get on the treadmill.  So I did.  And then, I decided I really ought to get the window treatment for the bathroom window sewn and hung (well, that and Mr. Muse asked if I could maybe, possibly…. perhaps get that project finished before next weekend).  So that’s what I did, with some assistance of Mr. Muse.

It took me about four hours start to finish and that’s including having to re-do the final stages due to unclear directions.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

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2 Responses to How I spent my Sunday Afternoon

  1. Watch out for those rattlesnakes.. They would certainly spoil the party, but otherwise it sounds like a nice productive and companionable weekend. Mr Muse looks very smart standing on the toilet.

    • LOL I went to take the photo and he turned to look at me, so I told him, “Don’t face me – I want to maintain your anonymity….. and, I just really wanted to get a photo of you standing on the toilet”. His response was, “Yes… I figured it was more about me standing on the toilet.”

      As for rattlesnakes, I have a lot of piles of rocks that I built to ATTRACT them to my property, but I have yet to see one – though I’m sure they are lurking. It’s really just a matter of paying attention to where you’re stepping or going to step when walking about the property. Snakes would rather avoid you.

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