Sunday Morning… and not much to say

Or, as phone calls end with my Mom, ‘… otherwise, I got nuthin'”.

Well, I have coffee.  I have a list of things I want to accomplish today.  I have ideas for blog posts that I will write at some point.  It’s a very mellow Sunday.

I think the weather is starting to affect me – then again, I’m pretty damn happy – just mellow.

I am curious, however, how everyone spends their Sundays?  Do you stick close to home?  Do you go out somewhere?  Visit friends or family?  

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13 Responses to Sunday Morning… and not much to say

  1. My Sundays are generally lazy. I try not to plan anything. It is my making puppies day. I call it puttering about the place. Puttering is defined in my world as; ass on couch, food in face, remote in hand. Generally Sundays are relative to the season or whatever art project I have on the go. As I was saying to my Dad this morning, I get all the shit done Saturday so I can laze about on Sunday.

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    A typical nude Sunday for us starting out with coffee and breakfast with music playing in the background (country today). I’m working on organizing the garage today while MS. K is working on decorations for a wedding shower we are hosting for a friend next Sunday afternoon. After lunch it should be 70+* so heading out doors to trim the back yard privacy hedge. Sadly I will have to don some shorts for the street side as it might be too much daytime moon for the passersby’s. Then later today we may go to a baseball tournament that my 10 yr old grandson is playing in. They have a chance at a championship today.

    • Sounds like you two are busy!! Good luck to your grandson!

      • sassycoupleok says:

        Turned out to be a long day but a good, actually a great day. Just got home at 11:15 PM from grandsons baseball tournament where his team won the tournament. Lots of very happy boys and parents, plus a few grandparents. It’s always good to be a champion. The earlier part of the day went well too, got some garage organization done, privacy hedge is now trimmed and Ms. K got a lot of her decoration work done for the up-coming bridal shower next Sunday. We even managed a little outdoor nude time, 70* air very light breeze full sunshine, it felt awesome, so ready for the warmer time of year. So for us, it was a Sunday with something to say and much was accomplished as well. 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    Sundays! They always feel so lovely and relaxed, until I realize that I have much to do for the upcoming week. Enjoy that mellow day!

  4. Very mellow around these parts…just chillin.

  5. insentives says:

    I spent mt Sunday out with my friends in the warm weather… precious! 🙂

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