They Say it’s your Birthday!

birthdaycandlesWait.  MY Birthday.  Oh yeah, Baby!  The big Three-Seven!

Can you believe it?!  No?  Well, thank you genetics and living right.

Hoo Boy!  I nearly choked on my coffee with that “living right” bit.  Lest lightning strike me for realz this time, I’ll put the appropriate kudos in the corners of genetics, sense of humor and remembering to use moisturizer more days and nights than not.

It's Your Day Birthday HornI awoke this morning to find a large number of birthday wishes already plastered on my wall in the Book ‘o Faces.  I received what I call a “squishy” card* yesterday from my inlaws who are leaving for Ireland today.  Mr. Muse purchased a gift yesterday and I have explicit instructions to NOT look at any financial spreadsheets, online bank account or to go into “my room” where he’s hidden said gift.  He’s also getting me my Birthday Cupcake from my favorite bake shop that provides tasty Gluten Free treats, Bloom.  Normally you have to pick up your OWN Birthday Cupcake at Bloom, but I won’t be near them today, so Mr. Muse has my ID and with Bloom’s blessing (I buttered them up and praised them without being creepy), will be selecting a cuppy-cake for me today.  YES!

birthdaywishes15Holy Hell!  Even GOOGLE is stalking me!!!  I pulled up their search page and “Google” was written in birthday cake… with CANDLES!  When I scrolled the mouse over, the message, “Happy Birthday, Sarah!” showed up.  Can they see me through my webcam?

Do I feel older?  Nope.  I still feel like I did ten, maybe 15 years ago.  That’s a good thing.  I’ve been told that eventually I’ll look older and I’ll look in the mirror and say, “Holy Shit!  What happened?!”  But, until then… neener, neener future self!

Today, while special in that it’s my birthday, will really be just like most other days.  I  will continue to fill out applications for freelance writers, will drink a lot of coffee, and will go on as normal with my fitness routine, Spanish lesson, taking care of the house and packing up for my photo shoot tomorrow.  Seems like a productive day if you ask me.

I’ve already been out for a meal with friends, which my usual modus operandi for birthdays, so today is pretty low-key… for a birthday that is.

Until I get my present and cupcake.  And I do love getting presents and cupcakes.


*Before I forget to explain what a “squishy” card is… it’s one of those Hallmark creations that has all kinds of words on them that are supposed to be sentimental but you’d just rather have all that sentiment put into a hand-written letter or note.  Squishy cards just make my skin crawl; when I’m card shopping and come across a “squishy” card, I wrinkle my nose and declare “Too Squishy”! I’d rather have something that is short and sweet and makes me LAUGH (even if it’s for someone else).  But then again, it’s the thought that counts, no?  PS.  I’m a sucker for cards with glitter, too.

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17 Responses to They Say it’s your Birthday!

  1. Molly says:

    Thanks for the comment today and happy birthday! 🙂

  2. Well my Piscean sister. I hope you have a wonderful day. Does glittery trump squishy if they are in the same card? I have never seen said card but I think somehow that it might. Is an x and an o on a birthday too creepy? Too bad, x o, and happy happy

  3. Happy Birthday my fellow Pisces. Nothing but the best for you today and in the year ahead…something tlls me you’ll be enjoying yourself ❤

  4. aging cowgirl says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu
    You look like a onkey and you smell like one tooooooo

    I would have called but my singing voice is temporarily outta town.

  5. John says:

    I despise “squishy cards.” I normally try to buy a card that will elicit a chuckle, and then use white-space to write anything squishy that needs to be written.

    Typically, I spend my birthday driving. This last year, when we planned travel around my birthday, I spent my birthday calling plumbers to deal with a leaky hot water heater….so birthdays aren’t my favorite.

    But, regardless, happy birthday 🙂

  6. Holy balls!!! Happy birthday lady!!! Mine is on the 18th (as I have boldly posted on my blog banner almost from it’s inception) so we are both Pisces which makes us awesome! Every year I say I’m not going to make a big deal out of it but January first rolls around and I turn into an instant 7 year old declaring my Birthday Season and requesting a pony for my special day! Cheers, Slainte, nose-honks and all that awesome birthday shit!

  7. A very, very happy belated birthday, A.M!
    I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

  8. Rufina says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I love the idea of a birthday cupcake! What flavor did Mr. Muse choose for you?

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