Sunday Morning and a Food Hangover

The Corned Beef Hash was awesome.  I ate every speck of it AND the eggs and hashed browns.  Thanks Hubbard Avenue Diner!  I did not get a Bloody Mary, which was a good thing considering that the rest of the morning involved walking around Canoecopia and drooling over kayaks, kayak accessories and camping gear.  Then we went out for lunch to Red Robin because I got a free Birthday Burger this month AND they have gluten free buns (I don’t know what brand, but they were soft and delightful – not the gritty, crusty, overly-dry GF breadstuffs I often find).  I got a Mushroom Swiss burger with fries, a “Sand in your shorts” cocktail and then… a Salted Caramel Shake (verified that it would be relatively sans gluten; however for all you REALLY intolerant or allergic people – they use the same shake machine they use for their shakes like the Brownie shake – just know that going in).

Then, we came home.  Our friends drove out to our house and we played games all afternoon, drank hard cider, were sassy, ordered BBQ take out, drank more hard cider, discussed camping excursions and visited until we were all yawning, fighting droopy eyelids and talking about food comas.  We started off playing Smart Ass! and after I kept winning, everyone else created an additional rule that while they had to win the required four cards to take the game, I had to win six.  I can’t help that I’m brilliant.  After they handicapped me, and Mr. Muse won a round, we switched over to The Game of Things and, well… this is NOT a game to play around small children.  After everyone left and headed back home (with a warning to watch for deer as there was a herd in the field when I went to pick up the BBQ), I performed my evening ablutions and hit the bed with promises to my body that I’d be back to smoothies in the morning.  I don’t remember being awake for very long.

I honestly don’t know how people can eat every day how I did yesterday.  Perhaps I’ve changed what my body craves to actually desiring what it NEEDS, lots of fresh fruits and veggies with some grains and proteins.  Today, I gave myself the gift of a fruit smoothie for breakfast.  For lunch… a simple green smoothie is sounding REALLY good.

I haven’t eaten like I did yesterday in a long time, even on the cruise I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables.  All I can say is, no wonder we have a problem in the US with chronic disease, obesity and a truly unhealthy relationship with food.  Yesterday’s Fest ‘o Gluttony was a study in highly-processed, high-fat, high-salt food and today, I’m feeling the affects.

Dear Body – I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I know that I love Corned Beef Hash with eggs and hashed browns, but I promise not to make a habit of eating them with any sort of frequency (even though it was really, really good).  I intend to not put you again through what I did yesterday. -Me

Readers – have you found that there are old ways of living, be it drinking, eating, being sedentary, etc., that you can no longer do because you realize how badly you will feel physically, mentally or both, if you do?

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2 Responses to Sunday Morning and a Food Hangover

  1. Molly says:

    I’ve slipped back into some worse habits lately and need to snap OUT of it because I feel the same way you do. Also, THANK YOU for introducing me to this magical Game of Things thing. 🙂

    • I hit the smoothies this week and ate a lot of fiber – it helped. Was a tad uncomfortable for the first few days, but was very much needed. 😉 As for the Game of Things – you’re welcome!!! It’s a hilarious game to play and a very popular choice at get togethers.

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