12/23/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:352-358

Good (barely) Morning, Dear Readers!

Here at the Farmstead yesterday, DH and I were busy, little elves in the kitchen.  We had guests coming for Misfit Christmas, which involved food, drink, merriment, games and a gift grab out of our giant Christmas stocking.  I may also still be in the clutches of a food coma.  I believe a good time was had by all, and I even got into bed at a reasonable hour with time to spare for some pre-slumber reading!

Today, I’m lounging in my very festive lounge pants of “Christmasy plaid”, drinking copious amounts of coffee and painting my nails (in “Mistletoe”).  DH and I spent nigh on two hours washing dishes and cleaning up from the festivities last night this morning.  I’m feeling a tremendous amount of guilt about all the food and drink and trying to tell myself that I want to work out… but that is failing.  Really all I want to do is sit like a bum and relax.

I was even unmotivated enough that I retrieved the morning paper in my Christmasy-plaid lounge pants when two of the neighbors drove by.  They laughed and waved as I smiled and waved.  That’s right… this is how I roll.

Not too much else to tell this week as it has been pretty low-key other than the Misfits coming over yesterday.  I’ve pretty well kept everyone up-to-speed on the happenings this last week and so with that, I think I should go right along to the Top Search Term o’ the Week:  lol.  Yes, “Laughing out Loud” has once again taken the top spot and I’ve plum run out of things to say about it.

The weeks Honorable Mention goes to:  end Christmas debauchery.  I’m left scratching my head at this one.  Is this a question like “Will there be an end to Christmas debauchery?”  Or perhaps, “How could I end Christmas debauchery?”  Perhaps even, “Where to I find some end of Christmas debauchery?”  I need more information.  Since I’m a Heathen… and you came to my website, I can only assume that, A) You are on the look-out for Heathens in hopes of “turning them around” and ending their debaucherous ways, or B) you’re a Heathen looking to find where all the Debaucherous Heathens are for some Christmas fun.  I kind of hope it’s closer to B than A because I like being a Heathen and debauchery can be really fun in the right company.  Notice I didn’t say all company… just the right company.

NOW – to those facts!

Random Facts 352 – 358

Random Fact #352 – I screen my phone calls.

I don’t really care to talk on the phone.  People always seem to call when they are doing something noisy: driving, TV is on in the background, at a bar, etc.  The ambient noise coming through the phone makes it hard to hear, and often understand, what the person is saying.  Oh sure, phones are more appropriate than emails in some situations, say when you’re on your way to meet someone and will be delayed.  Just call.

To go with this, I noticed that a lot of people have started this annoying habit of calling and then hanging up when they get voicemail.  Days later, I get a text or an email asking, “Why didn’t you call me back?”  Newsflash – no message, no call-back.  I don’t often like to assume anything, but I ASSUME that if you call and don’t leave a message, you mistakenly dialed my phone.

I also get the “statement” or “factual” messages left on my voice-mail (or via text).  Purely informational with no request for further input on my end.  I listen to, or read, the message, absorb the information and leave it be.  Hours or days later I get a follow-up asking why I didn’t respond.  I’m not a mind-reader.  If you want me, or anyone else, to get back to you about a message – you need to place a request for it.

Random Fact #353 – I look forward to St. Nicholas’ Day every year, even if I only get some candy in my stocking.

I’ve written about Saint Nicholas before, and yes I’m 36 and still celebrate the day.  I am giddy with anticipation the night before to see what will “appear” in the stockings for DH and I.  The day of, I head right for my stocking and dig in, oohing and ahhing over what I find.  This year St. Nick brought me a variety of gluten-free goodies including some Raspberry Chipotle and Mango Chipotle sauces – which were GREAT on lamb burgers… and eggs… and “veggie cakes”…

Random Fact #354 – I still have a Christmas List.

I know, I know.  I feel a bit old to have a Christmas List.  Years ago I stopped making one, but then the in-laws asked me for a list, so I started one up.  I don’t rewrite a list every year, I just take off things I did get and add anything new that I’d like.  I don’t often add anything… iTunes gift cards and certificates for manicures, pedicures and massages from my favorite salon are standard fare – and they will be used and enjoyed.

Random Fact #355 – My “Lucy Van Pelt” pink, tinsel Christmas tree makes me smile every year I pull it out of the box.

My tree is about two feet tall and is all-over pink tinsel with pink lights.  It’s standing on our coffee table and is surrounded by presents for one-and-all right now.  Usually we’d have a real tree, but this year we just decided to be lazy… The Lucy Van Pelt tree won.

Random Fact #356 – I have never received coal in my Christmas stocking.

Cause I’m a good person and always well-behaved.  Oh yeah – I wrote that with a straight face.

Random Fact #357 – I have a Christmas stocking so large I can stand in it.

We used it for the Misfit Christmas.  People laughed and got enjoyment from digging exchange presents out of it (diving in head-first in one instance).  That made me laugh.  It was worth the money I spent on it (clearance) last year.

Random Fact #358 – I would rather pay someone to decorate my Christmas tree than do it myself.

I would actually pay someone to decorate my whole house for Christmas… thing is, they would have to come back and put it all away, too.  I enjoy the decorations.  I love the scent of cinnamon incense or balsam candles burning.  I like having my giant, jingle bell hanging from a doorway and my wreath on the front door.  It’s just a lot of work to put up the decorations… and I get “lazy” when it’s time to put them up.

And that concludes this round of Facts!  It’s a little after noon and so I failed to get it out in the morning, however, Dear Husband has told me that I need to be wearing an Elf hat… it would go well with my lounge clothes.  I told him if he bought me one – I’d wear it.

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7 Responses to 12/23/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:352-358

  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all, pj’s after noon is a clear sign. of a good time…woo! Hahahaha! “no message, no callback.” My oldest sister is notorious for the “why didn’t you call me back.” It drives me crazy!
    ps. It’s 2:26, I haven’t even showered and I have absolutely no excuse other than I’m cleaning for company.

  2. Christmas season is meant for indulging and New Years is meant for working out 😉 Wishing you very Merry Christmas!

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