12/09/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:338-344

Good Sunday morning to you, Dear Readers!

I write today’s installment from the comfort of my couch, NPR crackling quietly in the background (I live in the sticks… NPR is crackly on the house radio), a large mug of coffee at my side and the snow falling outside.  I know we’ve already had our first snow, and I do think the first snow is magical, but that snow melted right away.  The magicalness was short-lived so I declare THIS snowfall to also be magical.  So there.

Dear Readers, at this moment I should be on the road to Milwaukee for a group photo shoot, but Thursday night, my Dear Husband came home with a cold.  By mid-morning Friday, I had the cold.  I spent Friday night trying to drown the sucker out.  Yes, I know “feed a cold” but I want it dead – so I’m trying to drown it.  I consumed two quarts of hot lemon tea in four hours on Friday night.  I slacked off a bit yesterday and hit it with hot coffee in the morning and lots of hot tea in the afternoon/evening.  This isn’t the worst cold I’ve had, and I can actually breathe with it (though the stuffiness is there), it’s the fact that it feels like I’m getting slammed in the head with a baseball bat repeatedly that really sucks.  Doesn’t this cold know that I’m not wearing my catcher’s mask?  I realize that the mask didn’t help all that much that one time when I DID take a bat to the face during a game…. but you know… having on the mask was better than the alternative.

There isn’t too much to report on the farmstead.  DH has been working on a variety of woodworking projects and has discussed with me his thoughts of opening a side business for woodworking.  So, things like logo, website and just who would be running the website (yours truly) were discussed.  Now that Paypal has a credit card swipe unit for smart phones, that has also changed what I’ll be getting for a replacement phone.  Looks like I’ll be getting an Android instead of a Blackberry.  My current phone has been dropped a few times (drop-kicked on one occasion…. and every drop was followed by, “OH!  Damn it!”) but the last two times have found it not bouncing back like it once did.  Fearing destruction-by-drop-kicking, the new phone will be getting an Otterbox case as an extra precaution.  I’ll have to keep you all updated on the woodworking.

Now, since it has been pretty quiet around here, let me move right along to the Sunday Search Terms.  This weeks top search term is:  string of christmas lights clipart.  Lots of people must be looking for artwork for their Christmas letters, which reminds me… I need to get mine out.  Our Honorable Mention Search Term for the week is:  Victoria’s Secret Models.  That’s a summary as there are about two dozen varieties of that search that earn it the “Honorable Mention”.  I’m guessing that a whole lot of people were watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show that happened last Thursday.  I didn’t see it.

Now, before I get onto the facts, I am going to toss a hint out there regarding my project for next year with my blog.  It will be a “Project 52” instead of a 365.  That’s all I’m going to say right now on that so let me get to those facts!

Random Facts:  338 – 344

Random Fact #338 – I like to make pickles.

My favorite pickle to make is Hurry Curry Cauliflower Pickles.  They are really fast to make and ready in a day – better if you let them sit a week.  And cauliflower is cheap inexpensive, so this makes the Hurry Curry Cauliflower Pickles a great “frugal” preserve to make.

Random Fact #339 – I love the movie Alice in Wonderland.

I’m talking the original Disney version.  The recent version with Mr. Depp was very entertaining but could not usurp the hold that the animated version had on my heart.  And, I really love the Cheshire Cat, even as a child I was fascinated by Cheshire Cat.  I like to think I’m a bit like him.

Random Fact #340 – I am pro-glitter.

I don’t have to say much about this because glitter is awesome.  Case in point, if I’m out shopping for greeting cards and it’s down to one without glitter and one with – glitter wins.

Random Fact #341 – I do not like “cropped” shirts.

I have a “long torso”, which is something that lots of women don’t have to concern themselves with unless they’re shopping for one-piece swimsuits or seem to have an issue of shirts, pullover or button-down, always coming untucked or seemingly to always leave the midrif exposed.  I can’t stand that.  “Short” shirts are tolerated only so long and then end up being donated.  I’m loving the recent phenomena involving all these shirts made for wearing with leggings because while they aren’t really going to cover my butt while I wear leggings – they DO keep my stomach covered.  WIN!

Random Fact #342 – I love chocolates from Seroogy’s Chocolates.

If you’re ever in De Pere, Wisconsin, you MUST stop for chocolates at Seroogy’s Chocolates.  The store is a magical place.  The scent that fills the air is… it’s… devine.  It’s probably a very good thing that I don’t live closer.

Random Fact #343 – I do not care for red-painted vehicles.

I’m not sure why this is really.  I just wrinkle my nose at the thought of red vehicles.  Our recent new-to-us vehicle shopping had me shaking my head in disgust at a mention of a red Suburban.

Random Fact #344 – I have owned two red-painted vehicles.

A 1989 Toyota Tercel wagon and a 1984 Ford F-150 4-on-the-floor.  I have a great affection for both of these vehicles.  They were old and the red color was dulled down.  They had dents, the Tercel having gone through a hail storm and the F-150 taking a hit from a front-end loader (on the tailgate).  Despite the fact that I’ve had these two red vehicles, I still am not a fan of red-painted vehicles.

Thank you for stopping in today, Dear Readers.  Check back again next week!


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