11/11/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:310-316

Good Morning and a very Happy Sunday to you, Dear Readers!

It’s been a slow week around the farmstead, but we’ve had some interesting things happen.  Firstly, I got the chickens butchered, not all, just the younger roosters and the old hens.  I had to take a 70 mile round trip twice to have them butchered, but the place I took them did a FANTASTIC job.  I got the number of an Amish family who does the butchering for a $2/bird donation; it was so worth the drive.  Sadly, my second round trip to pick up the birds had our 23-year-old truck have some problems.  She started to miss a cylinder, was having issues finding a gear on a hilly and twisty road and a sensor problem we’d had fixed earlier this year seems to have reared its ugly head once more.

Now, I’m a pretty frugal person when it comes to a lot of things.  I have bath towels I was using 18 years ago in college.  I have a flannel shirt that is 20 years old.  Honestly, I like spending boatloads of money as much as I like taking a hit to the head, and I’ve taken far too many of those already.  I liken vehicle buying like ripping off a band-aid, I want it over with fast.  We started our shopping, having made a list of the top priorities and on Friday night DH and I were sitting down agreeing to purchase a 2004 Ford Explorer.  We pick it up on Monday.

Our old truck will be sold for scrap and parts.  DH found a website, Junk My Car, and they’re going to write us a check for about $750 and come and haul away Old Christine.  Christine had a good run, we’ve had her for 11 years.  Now the most difficult part of the whole new-to-us vehicle purchase is ahead… what do we name it.  I don’t even know if it’s a male or female vehicle.  Thankfully, a name usually pops into our heads within a day or so.

There isn’t too much else to report.  We’ve had some really mild weather for the last four or five days, and currently we’re getting gusty winds and some rain moving through.  Last night DH and I went and saw Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie, at the IMAX theatre and it was really good.  I won’t say any spoilers, but I really love Adele’s theme song, it gives me goosebumps!

Now, for the search terms.  This week had an odd day as last Sunday, there were 381 searches for “Funny Birthday Wishes Word“.  I can’t say that I think that should be the actual top search term as I think it was just spammers.  So, The TOP search term in actuality is going to:  string of christmas lights clipart.  People much be started to plan out their Christmas/Holiday E-mails and newsletters and they’re being led to my Conclusion of the Christmas Lights Vandals.

Our Honorable Mention for the week goes to:  what does a girl have to do to be regaled around here.  So you’re looking to have someone throw you a big party with lots of food and drink and to entertain you on top of all of that?  Gee, that’s not asking a whole lot.  I have images in my head of Leslie Gore singing “Its My Party”.  

Now, let’s get to those Random Facts!

Random Facts 310 – 316

Random Fact #310 – I am right-handed.

Not much to say about this one, just stating a fact.

Random Fact #311 – I am not ambidextrous though I continue to try.

I was fascinated to watch people who are left-handed write, so I tried it but it didn’t go very well.  Every once in a while I attempt it again.

Random Fact #312 – I have not shopped at Wal-Mart in about 12 years.

Sorry Wal-Mart, your whole push to get companies to lower their prices, and driving out of business many “Mom ‘n Pop” stores prompted me to stop shopping your stores.  I will be honest though that a recent article (here is one from last year) about your green power initiatives has given me hope that you are mending your ways.

Random Fact #313 – I am not a member of any warehouse club (Sam’s, Costco, etc.)

I once was, but really, when you start buying a lot of things in bulk, you need to store them somewhere.  My houses haven’t been that large, so I don’t have a lot of extra storage space.

Yeah, not my favorite.

Random Fact #314 – I don’t care for candy corn or those little pumpkins.

I know, this fact is after Halloween, the traditional time for those little sugar bombs, but I don’t care to eat them.

Random Fact #315 – I love those peanut butter kisses that it seems most other people find disgusting.

I didn’t understand why people didn’t or couldn’t like this hard-at-first, sticky, chewy, make-your teeth-hurt candies with the peanut buttery goodness flavor and center.  I think these were the most despised candy of Trick-or-Treaters everywhere… except for me.  I LOVED them (and still do), and seemingly many kids in grade school knew because they’d often give these little, waxed-paper filled lovelies to me.  I don’t buy them for myself (because then I’d eat them), but if I spot them in a candy dish I snatch them out and eat them with abandon.

Yum! YUM! YUMMY!!!! I’ll take yours if you aren’t going to eat them!

Random Fact #316 – I love “sweater season” even though I don’t often wear sweaters.

“Sweater Season” is that beautiful time of year where everyone gets to layer on the clothes and inevitably, oft-times, removes some layers as the day progresses.  The weather has a nip to it.  The drinks are warm and everyone is in “cozy” mode.  Most of the sweaters I had growing up were hand-me-downs from the women who were my ‘Nother Sisters or they were beautiful sweaters that my Mom knit for me.  Most of the sweaters I have now are from Mom or have been handed down from “The House of E” (what I like to call my friend E’s closet).  The sweaters from Mom are a heavier knit, a big, cream-colored Fisherman’s Sweater and a multi-colored cardigan.  The sweaters from The House of E are all thin gauge sweaters but very comfortable.  All of them go well with hats, and I have a lot of hats (but I will always make room for more).

Thank you for stopping in for another Sunday of Search Terms and Random Facts!  Time for me to finish up my coffee and spend some time on the treadmill!

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9 Responses to 11/11/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:310-316

  1. Yummy corn, pumpkins and especially those kisses which we cannot get in Canada. Maybe we can but I can’t find them. I cannot find them, therefore they don’t exist in this reality. Sweater season is long gone here but we do have moose season http://wp.me/p2Q7NC-1U

  2. I banned Walmart as well. I believe I’m at 5 or 6 years, however I have been known to stroll through when feeling bad about myself. I usual leave feeling like a movie star!

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