11/04/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:303-309

Good Morning and Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

It’s been an interesting, albeit a bit slow, week around here.  However!  This week I did manage to track down someone to butcher my chickens!  And there was much rejoicing.  Turns out that an Amish family will do the butchering for me and I am so happy they will!   The remaining chickens will be happy as well – the young roosters have been causing havoc and I suspect that they not only are stressing my hens out to the point of not laying all the eggs they could be, but the little buggers are EATING some of the eggs as well.  Egg-eating is a bad habit that must be stopped!

In other news, I submitted my post from last Wednesday, Musings on… Older Dogs, to BlogHer for consideration for syndication on their wonderful site.  Fingers crossed.

The Early Fall Funk seems to have descended upon the people I know with tremendous weight.  I have found many friends and acquaintances all seem to be “down”; I help those I can and am silent for the “Serial Pity Party People” – expect more on that later.  Do you, or do you know, people who seem to get “down” in the fall?  How do you handle the situation?

I’m in love with Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins crackers (gluten-free!).  All the flavors I’ve tried so far have been delicious and I was missing the crunch of Triscuits.  I’ll also just get this right out there that I’ll be happy to product test Nut Thin Crackers (hint, hint, Blue Diamond).

Today is my Mom’s birthday – so Happy Birthday, Mom!  Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday – so Happy Birthday, dad!  (Yes, really.  I can’t make that stuff up.)

Now – to the Search Terms!  This weeks Top Search Term is:  baling hay.  I guess with a drought year, lots of people are looking up everything they can about baling hay.  Educating yourself in all aspects of where your food comes from is a good thing!

Our Honorable Mention for this week goes to:  john morgan wisconsin.  I don’t know a John Morgan or if he lives in Wisconsin.  I’m also not sure how that search got one person to my site, but I do have a pretty cool site, so it works out.

How about them facts!?

Random Facts:  303-309

Random Fact #303 – I think dolls are freaky.

Dolls are right up there with clowns and don’t get me started on those disgusting porcelain things with the blinking eyes.  I don’t like them AT ALL.

Random Fact #304 – Monkey the Sock Monkey is my driving companion.

I’ve always pondered if I’d get in trouble for strapping Monkey into the passenger seat and driving in the HOV lane… probably.  Look at how many people try that with blow-up dolls…

Random Fact #305 – Cedric the Roaming Gnome is my near-constant companion… when I have my satchel with me.

I don’t carry Cedric’s passport (yes, really) with me – though I should.  Cedric has been to Europe and various islands in the Caribbean.

Random Fact #306 – My cell phone is pink.

I’ve been asked if it was my birth control… because you know, I just toss that onto the table in the restaurant for everyone to stare at uncomfortably.  It’s how I roll.  No.  It’s a Samsung gloss, its pink and it’s square.

Random Fact #307 – I have a pink, argyle piggy bank.

Pig. Pink. Argyle.  TOTALLY AWESOME.

Random Fact #308 – I have had the same purple glass from which I drink water for the last 18 years.

I got a set of these wavy, purple, plastic cups as a going to college gift from my then sister-in-law.  They are pretty cool and they are the “normal” water glasses in the house.  Mine has a chip in it and a crack or two (naturally), DH took the one without flaws.

Random Fact #309 – I’m a sucker for a foot rub.

A good foot rub will make me fall asleep.  A bad one will tickle me, which just makes me angry and then I get all Hulk-like that that’s no good at all.

Thanks for checking in for another dose of Sunday Search Terms and Project 365!

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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2 Responses to 11/04/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:303-309

  1. I have a friend who starts getting down every September and it’s not over until Easter. My sister’s birthday is today. (Happy BD to mom & dad) Dolls scare the crap out of me…as they should..ugh. I must say I’m a little upset that Cedric has a passport and I do not!

    • Oh no! That’s a long time of being in a Funk. I wonder if the Spectrum lights would help those who just seem to get funky? I am not a “funky” person, oh sure, maybe a day here or there, but not for six months. I don’t understand it at all, but I’ve been accused of being an overly-joyful person…

      As for Cedric – I’ll have to take his photo with his passport!

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