10/14/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:282-288

Good Sunday Afternoon, Dear Readers!

Well…. we did it.  DH and I pulled off another biannual Fry Festival, this time the frosting on top of the cupcake, so to speak, was DH’s trebuchet which was used for Punkin Chunkin.  There was much fun, chatting, frying, and the tossing of pumpkins at high velocity.  I must take a moment to apologize for NOT taking pictures; those who put on big shindigs know that snapping photos is usually the last thing they think of, however friends were wielding cameras.

The weather was supposed to be utterly crummy but it actually turned out better than expected.  We ate a lot, drank more (I was once again reminded WHY I shouldn’t have that many adult beverages) and then listened to a lot of European Pop from the 80’s via YouTube.  Hey, when you’ve got essentially half the guests hailing from Europe and you’ve been partaking of adult beverages, you might be watching bad videos of European Pop on YouTube at 11 PM, too.

DH and I slept in this morning, watched Shawshank Redemption, cleaned up the shrapnel from yesterdays party and then watched Felix Baumgartner create a new world record.  I have to tell you all – it was amazing to witness.  When Mr. Baumgartner “rolled” off his launch platform, I felt my stomach flip and we watched in amazement, hoping everything went well.  When we saw him begin spinning, we both sat up uttering, “Oh no… that’s not good”, but then he pulled out of the spin once he hit a lower altitude and we watched him complete his descent to Earth.  Congratulations, Mr. Baumgartner and the whole Red Bull Stratos team!

Now, on to other things… The farmstead has been getting some much-needed rain this week, we’ve had over an inch of rain already today as I type out this post.  Better late than not at all, and thankfully the ground isn’t frozen.  High winds and the late-season rains have caused many of the colored leaves to be knocked to the ground, so the landscape is really becoming bare.  It’s time to appreciate all the beauty we had this year and let nature take its hard-earned rest for the fall and winter.

This weeks Top Search Term Honor goes to:  lol.  Lots of people are still looking up laughing out loud.  I want to know if these people don’t know what the acronym means or if they are just curious to see what people are writing about it.

Our Honorable Mention for the week is awarded to:  if i grab something with my hands they itch.  That could be a real issue if that happens every time.  Now knowing what the “something” is that the person is grabbing, I can only say, “Go see your doctor”.

And now… the facts.

Random Facts 282 – 288

Random Fact #282 – I was once informed that my aura is dominantly yellow with a little bit of rainbow effect.

So, doing research has shown that having a yellow aura is a good thing.  Rainbow effect is very good, too.  I guess I’m just a good person.

Random Fact #283 – My language gets “salty” when I drink.

As one of my cousins would say, “TRUTH!”  I try to keep the “potty mouth to a minimum  but sometimes I just can’t help myself…

Random Fact #284 – I get a tad freaked out when people pay “too much” attention to me, yet the definition of “too much” is different for everyone.

Seriously, despite this blog, modeling and all the other stuff I’ve got my grubby little mitts into… I’m a private person.  I like to fly under the radar.  I don’t like when people are always “up in my grill” and that applies to the majority of the population.  There are others though, for whom “life happens” and they don’t get to spend as much time with me, etc.  Generally, those are the people who I want attention from and if it doesn’t happen, there have been times I’ve said, “Pay attention to me, dammit!”  But that doesn’t happen often at all… and I can count on one hand the people I’ve said that to.

Random Fact #285 – I love to watch grasses like Panic Grass, Maidenhair and Squirrel-tail grass blowing in the wind.

It’s like watching waves at the ocean…. so very calming.

Random Fact #286 – I enjoy growing roses.

Stinky roses.  Smelly roses.  Those are what I like.  If I can’t smell them without burying my nose in the flower, I won’t plant them.  Currently I have two roses, a yellow and a blushy-white, and both fill the summer air with their scent.  I have them by my front porch to enjoy on my way into or out of the house.

Random Fact #287 – I am susceptible to Swimmer’s Itch.

Nasty little parasites.  It seems that if I go into water that has it – I get it – yet others seems unaffected.  Not fair.

Random Fact #288 – I enjoy a good Hurricane… the Adult Beverage.

I rarely drink them anywhere but down south or in the Caribbean…. but they are quite enjoyable.

Thanks for tuning in for another Sunday Search Terms and Project 365!!

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