10/20/2012 Question of the Day

Do you decorate your house and/or yard for Halloween?

My husband and I used to decorate when we lived in town where we actually got Trick-or-Treaters.  DH would make sure each year to have a well-stocked supply of fun-sized candy bars and all manner of formed-sugar treats.  Make that overstocked… his grand scheme, which only took me the first Halloween together to figure out, was that whatever was left over he’d eat (I’m not much of a “sweets” person).

We attempted decorations and bowls of candy in our present location, those years we were home for the grand event, but didn’t get a single ghoul knocking at our door, begging for candy.  We were crestfallen.  While we don’t have children and don’t want our own, we always enjoyed the childish bliss and fun that came with costumed kids knocking on our door, shouting, “Trick or Treat!”  We’d pretend they scared us.  We’d praise their costumes, guessing at what they were dressed up as that year (always a few wrong guesses thrown in for good measure).  No kids knocking meant it was pointless to decorate, which is a shame because it is one of my favorite holidays.

How about you?  Have you decorated this year?  Have you found yourself in a Halloween-decorating Horror House like Belle?

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4 Responses to 10/20/2012 Question of the Day

  1. We decorate every year but we have too much on the go. So I am cutting back! Our neighborhood is bustling with kids and we are lucky that I don’t run out of candy before eight. I just feel like Halloween starts getting advertised in August, it makes me bored before it even begins, and the cost is just getting out of control.

    It’s snowing this morning so I think it is making me more of scrooge 🙂

    • I REFUSE to traverse the Halloween aisle until October 1st. I don’t buy anything for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I like my holidays one at a time.

      No snow here – was in the 60’s and I got the lawn mowed one more time before the snow DOES fly, however, the mower deck was not changed out for the plow blade yet. If we did that – it’d surely scare away the snow.

      • Hear! Hear! I agree! One at a time is right and I believe marketing has gotten a little carried away.

        I would like to rake the leaves this afternoon but the ground it too wet. I think you should use it to scare the snow away. It’s too early to see those white flakes.

  2. I use to go all out, but now that my kids are grown I settle for a wreath on the door. We do get loads of kids, which I enjoy. I love seeing who put some effort in the costume. I agree with you…one holiday at a time.

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