10/07/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:275-281

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

I trust that you’ve all made the most of this past week.  Autumn beset us with cooler, albeit pleasant, temperatures but sadly, no rain.  We have had some wonderful fall colors but those are fading rapidly with the lack of moisture.  DH and I started our week off with two wonderful hikes at Wehr Nature Center and Kettle Moraine’s Scuppernong trail on Sunday and then it was off and running to work and for me, research, studying and writing.

I am nearly firmly entrenched in the idea that I should be writing… it’s not a “Gee, this could be fun” thing, it’s a compulsion.  I’ve been mediocre with my other artistic abilities, in my opinion, but writing is something I will forego all other tasks to do.  I guess that says something right there, doesn’t it?  Friends and family, far and wide, have sent words of encouragement as well.  I’ve also made the determination to attend the 2013 BlogHer Convention in Chicago next year.  As my Dove chocolate wrapper from the other night said, “If it feels right, do it.”  (I still hope that excuse holds in court…. “But Your Honor… the chocolate wrapper told me to do it if it felt right… so I did.”)

News from the Farmstead… Fat Cat (who is actually NOT overweight anymore) was diagnosed with the start of Kidney/Renal Disease; that means a change in his food and lab work again in three months and then every 6-12 months after.  Little Cat is just fine… she throws up a lot, she’s a sassy Diva, but she’s fine.  Crazy Dog is still going blind and deaf, maybe has some arthritis setting in, but she’s a happy dog and even got a bath this week.  The Happy Chickens are still pulling a Houdini and we’re not sure where they’re getting out.  The kale, radishes and peas are still doing well so far, though I’ve been away this weekend and we were supposed to have some cold temperatures at night; I’m hoping none of them froze.

Other news… as I saw in a tweet the other day, “Seriously, Allergies?!  What did I ever do to you!?”  I’ve been plagued with a horrible case of seasonal allergies, sneezing and blowing my nose seemingly non-stop.  Even slathering my poor schnoz with Vaseline at night doesn’t help when I immediately resume the sneezing/blowing routine come morning.  Just call me, Rudolph.  I hope that the pollen/dust/mold or whatever else is in the air will soon settle and I can go more than 5 minutes without a sneeze and blow session.

Now, let’s get to those Search Terms!!  Our Winner for the week is:  puerto rico map.  Lots of people seem to be escaping the northern climes in lieu of more heated weather.  I don’t blame you, but I’m not getting out of Dodge until February.  Have fun everyone!!

Now, this week I’m going to depart from the norm and list three Honorable Mentions:

  • musings of a muse real name – Apparently I have a stalker!  Seriously, I’m sure this happens to all you bloggers out there who don’t put out your full name…. Right?
  • why it’s important to address the heathen and lactose intolerance – That would be because we Heathens get very heatheny after our almond milk ‘n gluten-free cookies!
  • “we have to go buy more topsoil for the rest of our planting beds as well as pvc piping and nets to keep the happy chickens out of the beds” – oddly specific search… since I wrote it.  (yeah… I’m guessing I have a fan stalker.)

Now let’s get to those Facts!

Random Facts

Random Fact 275 – I attended the 25th anniversary of Farm Aid at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI.

What a weird ‘n wacky day that was.  It was October, windy and cold, so I wore my Enormously Huge Pom-Pom Hat.  That turned out to be very popular with the natives.  Throughout the day people were coming up and touching the hat, playing with the pom poms, asking where I got it (I made it), tugging on the top of it from behind (men seemed to do that… women attacked from the front).  Then, later in the evening, it got sort of warm down in front (yes, I bought awesome tickets) and I took the hat off and was talking to DH between acts when… I felt… was that someone “petting” me?

Yes, Dear Readers, a random drunk guy (maybe he was high… not sure) was petting my hair and saying, “It’s so pretty… like Rapunzel.  It’s so shiny and soft…. It feels so great in my fingers….”  He went on like that for a while.  I turned and asked if he was enjoying himself, he apologized, complimented my hair again (thank you) and sat back in his chair.  He resumed petting it again a short while later.

I guess what it comes down to is… I wasn’t scared or offended*… he was drunk (or high) and well… he was just petting my hair.  That falls into the “I can’t make this stuff up” category.

(I believe DH was thoroughly freaked out by this interaction and the fact that he didn’t want me attending Farm Aid by myself to begin with – no matter how much he dislikes large groups of people and loud music – he probably will never let me attend stuff like this alone…. ever.)

Random Fact 276 – I was diagnosed with an intolerance to Gluten this year.

Yep, if you’ve been reading this blog and following along… you’re aware.  If not, welcome and well… yep, I have a 99% diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  It’s really not so bad.  Two months without bread and counting.

Random Fact 277 – I love the skillets at Denny’s.

Their skillets are wickedly delicious!  The best part – I can EAT them!!!

Random Fact 278 – I dream of goldfish a lot…

According to Dreammoods.com:

“To see a goldfish in your dream signifies, wealth, success, and pleasant adventures. Alternatively, goldfish represents some important emotional matter or valuable insight.”

Random Fact 279 – In college psychology, the professor had everyone try to “read” Zener cards to her, she thought I cheated when I got them all correct.

You heard it here, Folks!  Apparently I have psychic abilities.  Like there was ever any doubt…

Have you taken this test?
Image courtesy of: http://theparanormalguide.com/psychic.htm

Random Fact 280 – I’ve been told that I’m an “Indigo Child”

I was really flattered about being told this… until I read about it and how people who fall into this category are often described as having a learning disability.  Now I’m not really sure how I feel about it other than it’s just another little fact of my life.

Random Fact 281 – I’ve been told that I have an “old soul”.

What does that mean?  Apparently… I’ve been around for a very long time.  What’s funny is that I read descriptions of what makes someone an “old soul”, for example, what this article says, and in my head I shout, “THAT’S ME!”

More Next week!

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5 Responses to 10/07/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts:275-281

  1. Hahaha…I can’t believe you referenced the Dove wrapper.I have actually said “but my Dove wrapper said” be warned the face on the person you say it to will be priceless. Great post!

  2. Hmm… pretty sure I’ve never had a cyber-stocker before.
    I do have people show up via random searches for the movie / tv show / song quotes I often use though. And I’m assuming they’re pretty confused as to why their search engine landed them just where it did.

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