Hibernation Mode

Enormously Huge Pom-Pom Hat... I think Yes!

Ah… Autumn; the crisp air, the making of soups and stews, pumpkin season, apples, and turning on the electric blanket.  I love autumn.  The smells, the sounds, even the cooler
temps.  Maybe I love it because I get to break out my hats again.  I enjoy wearing
hats and have a large variety.  The only thing I don’t care for about this season is – Hibernation Mode.

Animals that hibernate have already begun their gorging in earnest to pack on the pounds before their torpor begins.  I have to fight that urge.  The complications of Hibernation Mode have been compounded by the new heart medication, a beta blocker called Nadolol.  The beta blocker class of drugs lowers blood pressure (and in my case, helps with rythym issues… in my heart), and makes you move a bit slower.  I already have low blood pressure, so my attempt to combat the affects with exercise, now that I can do that again, is having mixed results.  I can’t tell if my sleepiness over the last few weeks is due to the change of season, the increase in meds or a combination of the two.  Regardless – the battle lines have been drawn and I shall fight valiantly.

On a different note, I am fairly obsessed with tv show, “Extreme Couponing”.  My new goal for the rest of the year is to use a coupon for EVERY possible transaction.  Sound impossible?  I don’t think so.  DH built a few columns into the Excel spreadsheet to track what is saved between the savings cards and coupons, and the last shopping trip we saved almost $40.  Pretty awesome.

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