08/19/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts: 226 – 232

Good Morning, Dear Readers!

Happy Sunday to you, All!

What an adventure this week with being told to go Gluten- and Dairy-Free.  What a major shock to my mentality!  So far I’m doing good.  I’m “easing over to gluten-free” as the doctor said to, and things aren’t too bad.  I eat less grain products than I thought, but I will end up hitting some road blocks I’m sure.  I did some recon at the grocery stores that I frequent to see what they have for gluten- and dairy-free items.  Not surprisingly, Copp’s grocery in Madison had many more selections than did the Piggly Wiggly on my route home.  I got myself some corn tortilla chips, some caramel corn rice cakes, some soy chips and two versions of G & F free cookies.  I also was told about some Vegan “butter” from Earth Balance.  I tried that on some wheat toast (remember… ease into G-free) Saturday morning and it was pretty decent.

Saturday night I tried G & F free “cookies and milk” with Almond Milk and some chocolate sandwich cookies that are G & F free.  They were different, but still tasty – a more “sandy” texture to the cookies, but I can handle that.

Beyond that, I worked and both jobs, made a nice chunk of tip money and determined that the only things I can’t eat at Job #2 are the bread, the macaroni & cheese and cheese… (I love cheese.)  The rest of the menu is G & F free – even the dry rub on meats because that’s mixed from the spices right in the kitchen.  No blends that have additional gluten (remember how I said Gluten is added to damn near everything?).

My weekend has been working at Job #2, working around the house, taking Little Cat to her annual vet visit, and sleep.  DH has been off with the guys for a Bachelor Party weekend for our dear friend, B, who is getting married in October.  They were having their party in the same place that I attended the Bachelorette Party back in July, and I have a feeling I’m going to be faced with a tired DH when he returns today.

Now that we’re caught up with my life this past week, to the search terms!

This weeks winner for top search term is:  baling hay.  Tis the season and all that jazz.  I’m curious to know if it’s country folk looking up the term or non-country folk.

This weeks Honorable Mention goes to…. wait for it.… are you ready?  Okay, Honorable Mention goes to:  porno movies croatian barbariga!  Yeah.  I’m not kidding.  I saw this on the list and quite literally laughed out loud and then said aloud, “What the hell?!”  Barbariga is a little, touristy seaside village.  Okay, I’m not that naive, some vacationer is probably filming amateur porn in one of the rentals.  Now I might have to go do a search for that!

Now that I’m shaking my head in wonderment…. again… let’s get to the facts, Jack!

Random Facts 226 – 232

Random Fact #226 – I don’t like climbing ladders.

That’s right, I’m a chicken when it comes to ladders.  Even little 2-step ladders leave my knees a bit shaky.  I’m actually pretty annoyed at this as I can sit on a rocky overhang, hundreds of feet falling away below me, and don’t feel scared at all after the initial butterflies.

Random Fact #227 – I can accept Sarcasm at times.  Snarkiness I cannot.

What’s the difference?  Snarkiness is mean-spirited.  It’s meant to make a person feel bad about themself for a variety of “infractions”.  Sarcasm can be snarky, but having come from a really sarcastic family, sarcasm isn’t meant to cause emotional wounds.

Random Fact #228 – I’m an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church.

Did this on a whim in college.  Everyone was doing it… so I did, too.  I signed up online and actually have the certificate that was printed out.

Random Fact #229 – I collect seasons of The Simpsons on DVD.

I’ve been collecting The Simpsons for about 1o years and have seasons 1-9 (I think).  I break them out and do marathons once in a while.

Random Fact #230 – I collect seasons of Family Guy on DVD.

I started to collect Family Guy a few years ago – I love how it makes me mindlessly laugh.

Random Fact #231 – In kindergarten, the fire truck setting off its siren made me cry.

We went to the fire station on a field trip and they were cramming all of us in turn up into the cab of the fire truck.  I was stuffed up there with a few other kids and they flipped on the siren; it was so loud that I held my ears and cried.  I was the only one who did that.

Random Fact #232 – I have a collection of shot glasses.

I have stopped collecting them for the most part.  Seems that a lot of the glasses are too plain jane or just “cheesey”.  Not my thing.

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of Sunday Search Terms and Project 365!

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5 Responses to 08/19/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365 – Random Facts: 226 – 232

  1. The Gluten free is not easy or cheap. i try to do as much as I can and believe me my colon tells me when I’m not doing a good job. There are some good recipes and blogs on Pinterest if you need to try something different.
    Ladders..ugh..I can go up, but I better like it up there cause I can’t get down…lol

    • I think what it’s going to come down to is a balance between the Paleo & Wheat Belly diets with occasional gluten-free treats. I love to bake, but don’t often eat much of what I DO bake. I found out that Kind Snacks “Kind Bars” are G & F free – basically nuts and some binding sugary syrup. Yesterday, with all the veggies I was eating (cauliflower with breakfast, cole slaw for lunch and snack, kale and tomatoes with dinner), I wasn’t ravenous at each mealtime. I started off with the same breakfast this morning that I had yesterday since it seemed to work well… and it’s helping me “ease into” G-free.

      Being Dairy-free in the Dairy State, though? Ugh. I bought myself Lactaid for when I indulge in one of my favorite cheeses – Manchego.

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