Ahhh relaxation!

Nope, I’m not on vacation.  I’d been hanging out at home Monday and Tuesday.  I found myself at a point where there wasn’t much to do housework-wise.  The drought means I don’t have to mow the grass and I had three videos from Netflix.

What to do? What to do?

Yes, this will do nicely. Why do my hands and feet look so manly in this picture though?

OH!  I know!  I worked out, I read my book (still pushing through “The Brothers Karamazov”), watched a couple of movies and some of “The Office”.  I started using a kettlebell for working out.  Did you know that you can burn 200 calories in 10 minutes with that thing?  I also went on the longest bicycle ride I have been on since I was probably 10 years old – 14.46 miles.  Holy CRAP!  I was pretty proud of myself.  No, it’s no 50-Miler that some cyclists do, but it was a start.

My kettlebell weighs a MILLION pounds!

Note to self – get new bicycle seat and call around to get “fitted” to my cycle… the numb hands, feet and “lady parts” after the ride were…. uncomfortable.

I seem to be missing something…

I also made a decision over the weekend to return to stricter eating rules.  I had regained nearly 10 pounds back of what I had lost.  There were a variety of contributing factors, but the first and foremost was eating too much and drinking too often (and too much).  So, putting my nose back to the grindstone and… being smarter about things I eat and drink.

Sometimes will power sucks; at least I can have dark chocolate!

This is what delicious looks like!

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6 Responses to Ahhh relaxation!

  1. Spiritual World Traveler says:

    Good luck! I’m on that road as well. I keep getting lost. But eventually find my way back. 😉

    • Thank you! If I can keep a lot of veggies and some fruit around and keep up the protein intake, I seem to do well. A friend was talking to me about the Paleo Diet the other day, but that’s too restrictive for me – I DO like carbs, just not as much as a lot of people (except when it comes to adult beverages). Right now I’m snacking on a Luna bar – chocolate-dipped coconut – yum. I also do good when I eat every 3 hours or so and drink at least 8 cups of water a day. I just have to make conscious effort to get back to those habits, and right now I’m on 5 days of doing that very thing. I’m also tracking what I eat and when. I have everything I’m eating today entered into my tracker through my afternoon snack – my brain is kind of tricked into thinking “Oh… I’m hungry, but I get to eat at ____, I won’t starve to death between now and then.”

      • Yeah. I’m not that disciplined! LOL I’m just happy to be eating well. My problem is I don’t eat enough and when I do, I sometimes pick the unhealthiest stuff to eat. So, I’m just happy to make healthier choices and I actually eat regularly!

  2. My opinion on working out is: I don’t run unless something is chasing me (I even wrote a blog post about it). However, I’ve really been wanting a bike lately so I can ride with the kids (and maybe by myself when they’re making me crazy). I went to the store, 30 minutes later I had finally tracked down someone to get the bike down off the rack for me, 15 minutes after that he finally managed to actually get the bike down, I sat on it, declared that if I bought this bike I would also have to purchase a much larger seat, and walked out. Now, my butt is not abnormally large. It’s an average 35 year old butt. WHO is that bicycle seat made for??? I have thong underware more confortable than that! So congrats on the 14 mile bike ride – that’s awesome! Mine’s still at the store! LOL!

    • Interestingly, I read recently that women complaining of roughed-up lady parts due to the seat is because the seat is too wide and too padded. The numbness lasted a few hours, so when I go in to be “fitted” at an actual bike shop, I’ll tell them all the spots that were affected and see what they say. The bike I have is 18 years old… a boys mountain bike I got for Christmas one year. I get it tuned up, but otherwise I just keep riding it. A new seat is called for though.

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