Cleaning house

This time the cleaning house isn’t my actual house… it’s my email inbox.  My regular email… the one I’ve had for years and years.  I am amazed at the vast number of emails I get in a day; between all my email addresses I easily reach 100 messages most days.

Opening my email inbox some days causes me to think like Erma Bombeck,

“My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.”

So I made the decision… all those newsletters that hit my inbox are combed over until I see the “unsubscribe” link and then… I click it.  Inside of my head, the masses cheer and there is much rejoicing.  I’m giddy as I click the confirm button to remove myself from each list.  Some of these “newsletters” are telling me the SAME THING – only under a different “club”.

Oh sure, I know… my email address will get added to ten more lists just to make me feel guilty for leaving this one list, but I don’t care!  I have a SPAM Filter!  It catches most of the crap.  HUZZAH!  Take THAT you evil-doers!  Take that you signer-uppers of all things SPAM!  SUCK MY BALLS!  Oh… hang on.  I better not get too cocky or next thing I know my Spam filter will be overwrought and overflowing… and, as DH always says in response to my uttering of “Suck my balls!”…. “Present them.”  He’s got me there… it’s pretty much an empty threat.

I feel light.  Floaty.  The weight of thousands of tons of electronic waste has been lifted.

I can’t be the only person giddy over unsubscribing.

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4 Responses to Cleaning house

  1. Too much clutter isn’t good..virtual or otherwise. I only wish there was a BIG unsubscribe button on people.

    • LOL I have a couple of those – right now I have them on “restricted access” on Facebook. It’s not like I didn’t ask what the deal was for the snarky behavior or the social snubbing – I asked… a few times. They never responded. Eventually I’ll reach a point where I will “unsubscribe” myself for them.

  2. I love it. As a general rule, I tend to ignore the 7000+ unread messages in my most used email box. It drives my husband crazy. He has folders in his email for the things that he wants to keep and everything else, he deletes. I wish he’d apply that kind of organization to anything else that he does… but I digress. Good for you! I felt a little giddy for you by proxy! Maybe I’ll delete a couple hundred of mine!

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