06/10/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 156-162

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

I’ve been away from my computer for the weekend (I love scheduling posts!) spending time celebrating my grandpa’s birthday with family I haven’t seen for many years.  These are gatherings on my mom’s side of the family and often involve everyone standing around being sassy, teasing mercilessly and just enjoying our time.

This past week around the farmstead, the baby chicks have been growing and doing their thing.  I’ve been keeping the flowerbeds and raised beds tidy with pulling weeds and DH has finished some more landscaping/rock work in front of our house.  Things are coming together a little at a time.

DH and I try to have “Game Night” once a week and I’ve been jonesing to play Dominoes for a while, so I went and bought the Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes set at Target.  DH and I spent Thursday night trying to figure out the rules, then watched videos on YouTube showing how people play it.  It’s fairly confusing to start but we got the hang of it and played four rounds.

Now, onto the search terms!

Our first place winner for the week is:  musings of the amused muse.  Close, very, very close, but still no cigar.  I’m still not sure how I feel about people searching for me.  Part of me wants to hide under a rock while the other part of me wants to step out from around a corner, yell “BOO!” and follow that with “HA!  Scared you!  Now… what do you want?  Why are you here?”

The second place award goes to:  how to get off top bunk in an exciting way.  Now, this is more of a merit placing as it didn’t have the next highest number of people using it to search, but it did make me laugh out loud.  I say that if you can manage, try a back flip.

And here we go with the facts!

Random Facts 156 – 162

Random Fact #156 – I rarely kill an insect walking/flying in my house (however, I would freak out if I ever found a roach); though I will make exceptions for ants and cluster flies during warm weather.

Firstly, you must understand that I don’t live in the city… and I grew up in the country.  Bugs are a fact of life (like mice).  In my current location, I get Grease Ants and another variety, probably Pavement Ants, inside the house early in the spring.  Okay… those I’ll kill  if they stray from their normal route from nest to ant bait trap.  I have Boxelder bugs, Squash bugs and Asian Lady beetles that move in for the winter.  (Always check your glass before you drink… they don’t taste good).  I have spiders all over the place and usually end up with a few bites every year.  I get the occasional Wolf Spider in the house and catch it on paper after I squeal at being surprised by it (they are big and aggressive) and shoo it outside.

It really comes down to the fact that I am so used to creepy crawlies being around the house, that they don’t bother me much anymore.

Random Fact #157 – I love the movie The Man from Snowy River (and the sequel).

If you’ve never seen the movies, they are the movies that put Australia on the “Must travel to” list.  The Outback.  The wild Brumbies.  I fell in lust with Australia because of those movies.

Random Fact #158 – I detest forwarded emails of a religious nature proclaiming God won’t love me if I don’t forward them to other people.

I never forward these emails.  At one point I was receiving so many of them in a short period of time I actually sent emails to the people sending them to me and asked them to stop.

Random Fact #159 – Between all of my various email accounts, I average 100+ emails a day.  If I don’t get back to you same day… even same week – that’s why.

To be fair, my “normal” account is used for most correspondence.  I have emails for this blog and modeling, etc., but my “normal” account gets hit with the bulk of the email… and there is a lot to go through on a daily basis.

Random Fact #160 – I love the sound of Iggy Pop’s voice; especially in White Zombie’s song “Black Sunshine”.

I also really liked him in the movie Snow Day.

Random Fact #161 – I have never sung karaoke.

Truth!  Never have, no plans to.  Why?  The people I’ve seen get up to sing have been horrible, so I honestly find it excruciating to sit and watch.

Random Fact #162 – Raw celery makes my tongue go numb.

I haven’t figured this one out.  Cooked celery – no problem.  Raw celery with dip – no problem.  Straight-up, plain-old, raw celery with nothing on it = a numb tongue.  That’s just weird.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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2 Responses to 06/10/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365: Facts 156-162

  1. Try salt on that celery. Good stuff…

    • I might have to try that. Usually I end up just cooking it up with onions, carrots etc. (mirepoix – start of much French cuisine). I am going to have to find out how much it’s used in Indian cooking though, as I am doing more of that lately.

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