06/09/2012 Question of the Day

Which birthday was your happiest? Why?

I have to pick….. my 21st birthday.  The Right of Passage that is turning the magical age of 21, allowing me to drink alcohol legally.  I know, I know… boring!

I was taken out to the infamous 2nd Street in my college town of Platteville by my friends R & B.  We went to The Island where I was bought a large Long Island Iced Tea in a fish bowl.  Then, we went across the street to The Fire Side.  Segue moment:  The Fire Side was next to a strip club called The Inferno…what went up in one the year before I started college.  Anyway… as I was saying, The Island, then The Fire Side, which was my favorite place because it was a quiet bar, had a couple of pool tables, some dart machines, the music was never too loud, I don’t think they had a TV – if they did, it wasn’t ever turned up loud.  They also had an outdoor patio (former spot that the strip club was in) where you could sit and chat with friends over a drink and listen to the street sounds.

On the way home, I was giggling and walking behind R & B on the way back home, and a carload of women was driving down 2nd Street, hootin’ and hollerin’.  I turned to look and as I did, I saw something black flying through the air and as I followed its trajectory it hit my friend M and fell to the cement.  Curious like a cat – I pounced and giggled harder… then just outright LAUGHED as I picked up a pair of lacy, black undies and dangled them in the air, exclaiming, “R!  You’ve been Drive-By Pantied!”

R grabbed the undies with a laugh, stuffed them in his pocket and hung them up on his bulletin board when we got home.  Every time I looked at those undies on his board, I laughed.  And mentioning the story… even 15 years later, causes R to blush.

Yep – that was my favorite birthday.

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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