04/21/2012 Question of the day

Describe an ideal day.

An ideal day…. hmm.  My ultimate ideal day will have some indulgences in it, but whose wouldn’t?

I’d start my day waking up without aid of alarm clock before the sun comes up so I can sit in the quiet and watch the sun rise over the fields and forest and listen to the morning sounds of the songbirds, the chickens, the wild turkeys…

After a while, I’d have coffee, hot for a cold morning, iced for a warm morning, with breakfast: stick-to-your-ribs Oatmeal Pancakes (recipe thanks to my friends in Stoke-on-Trent, England) with fresh fruit and bacon.

I’d be teleported to an island in the Caribbean and  immediately I’d have a massage.  A nice, long deep-tissue all-over massage to melt away all those egg-sized knots in my muscles.  I’m sure that I’d be on the table at least 2 hours, and then I’d be whisked away to have a manicure and pedicure.  Properly massaged, “manied and pedied” and the outdoor temperature nicely heated up, I’d have a nice nap before lunch, preferably in the sunshine and of course, not plagued with insects.

Lunch would be something light to go with my spa morning, shrimp salad, fresh crusty bread with cheese (mmm, Manchego!) and honey.  A crisp cocktail to match the palate and then after lunch… some beach time.  Toes in the sand, book in my hand, where I could watch the surf, listen to the breeze in the trees, read my book and nap.  I’d follow that with a swim, and afterwards, hit the nearest shower, which in my ideal day would be *right there*, to wash away the salt.  Donning something light and very much me, like white linen pants, sandals and a tank top, I’d find some rum shack where the conversation is friendly, the grill is going and the seafood is fresh.  A cold Carib in hand as I laugh with my companions over succulent grilled fish and relax.  The sound of island music the quiet soundtrack playing in the background.

Conversation, drink and dinner had…. I’d slip off to a quiet dock or beach chair and watch the sun set as I stared out into the water and unwound.  Once the stars came out, and I was thoroughly relaxed and worn out, I’d make my way to bed, teleported back to mine or otherwise, so long as it was comfortable and fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Yes, that’d be an ideal day.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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3 Responses to 04/21/2012 Question of the day

  1. That sounds nice.I think I would be on one of my favorite lakes before the sun starts to rise.By myself,having a smoke,almost intoxicated by the smell of Jasmine and Honey Suckle.As it starts to turn red / yellow in the East I get ready,with an illegal smile,I line up on some Lily Pads for my first cast of the day…..

    • Now I have to ask… where is your favorite lake and what is your prey of choice beneath those lily pads?

      • It’s a 6,500 acre man made impound created in 1953 by the game and fish commission named Lake Conway.I’ve been fishing it since I was big enough to hold my own pole (fishing variety that is).Average depth is 8 to 10 ft. It’s full of some standing timber and lots of sunken logs,tree stumps and floating log jams while around the shore it’s overhanging trees (watch out for snakes dropping in the boat) and Lily Pads. My pray is Bass for sport and fight Then release.For food it’s Crappie,Catfish and Bream with onion,hush puppies and fried ” taters” washed down with iced sweet tea.This is just one of my favorites ,there are many where I call home,this one is closest to my house at about 25 miles.

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