Consumed by the flames…


I hold fast to the theory that most creative people suffer from the dreaded Burnout at some point.  Probably more than one point.  In fact… a lot of points.  It looks like a connect the dots picture in a children’s activity book.  You just sit and stare blankly at the computer or page in front of you and don’t know what you’re going to do; it’s not for lack of ideas, mind you… it’s probably because you have too many.

Maybe burnout happened because life just bitch-slapped you back into last week like it did for me.  The “inbox” is teetering dangerously high and you just can’t deal with it ANYMORE!  You know what?  It’s okay.  It seems that a lot of my fellow writers whose blogs I follow have experienced, are experiencing or are about to experience the dreaded Burnout.

The brain informed me the other week it needed a break and I pushed on with little daily posts while my inbox and the dreaded feeling of being overwhelmed was catching up with me.  This week, I hit the wall; I have a list of nearly 50 items to blog about (outside of my normal Saturday and Sunday bits) and between my jobs, modeling, being asked to do this, that and the next along with emotional stresses along familial lines these last few months added to a growing list of “projects” I started with very good intentions of finishing quickly but yet… somehow haven’t done.  Boom.  A wall.  Burnout.

...yeah, that's pretty much what I'm calling it now...

So, no post yesterday.  Did you miss me?  Hmmmm???  Did you?  It’s alright if you didn’t.  I won’t take it personally, because I know that in the end, mental stability it more important than reading my verbal diatribes on random subjects… of which this is just one of many.

I have had good news this week and a neat surprise.  Job number 1 where I’m the Office Ninja, loves me, though I knew that a few weeks ago when I was taken out for “the best $1 hamburgers in McFarland” at the Spartan Bowl and asked if I was happy with my job.  Job number 2, where  I cook things and wield large, sharp knives, appreciates me AND the Scheduled Process for bottling product there received FDA approval (by the way, funds from Job #2 go into the Vacation Savings account – you can cheer now).  Job number 3 (modeling) found me getting a notice that I will have images in a book coming out later this year and was asked to submit a write-up (I have to do that yet) on my experiences modeling nude (yes… it’s full of nude images) AND I modeled for another photographers book project.  Sorry, that one, per the photographers own admission, may not come out for another 20 years.

Also in the news, a friend and fellow model took on a huge project of creating a magazine called Project Pinup.  All proceeds go toward the Wounded Warrior project.  Some of the photographers I’ve worked with, many I haven’t (I don’t think I have any pinups in this publication) but ALL of them were hand-picked to be a part of the project.  I’m very excited for my friend and her team.  Now for the neat surprise, I just found out tonight that I was listed as a contributor for the magazine, and I’m deeply honored – I even blushed.  If you’re a fan of the Pin Up genre of photos – please, purchase a copy of Project Pinup!

Now, if I’m a little bit more scarce over the next couple or few weeks, don’t be alarmed… there is just a lot on my plate and I need to take care of me in there, too.

About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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5 Responses to Consumed by the flames…

  1. This is very cool! I dont know much about the genre but I am excited for you to contribute! Cheers to recognition for hard work

  2. I do love your musings.Please continue at your leisure.

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