Just another day in the life of, Moi

My day started with the alarm going off at 5:15 AM.  No, it wasn’t a work day, but I thought that I should get up at the usual time anyway.  It didn’t work.  I hit snooze.  Then I  just turned off the alarm clock.  DH roused me to say our good-bye’s for the day and I drifted back to sleep (dreams of military missions in Kuwait filled my head – I attribute this to my friend, we’ll call him PO, currently stationed in Kuwait and who just got back from a mission with Special Forces.  By the way – I kicked ass!).  Shortly after that, I had Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony begin playing in my head, the sun was coming in through the bedroom window and I was comfortable, burrowing under the covers, refusing to “go to the light”.  But I did.

I rolled out of bed, did my thing, wandered over to the kitchen and let Crazy Dog out of her kennel, gave her her morning squeeze and neck scratch and let her outside.  Putting on my barn shoes, I wandered outside to release the Happy Chickens and give them some grain that they don’t need but it makes me feel good to toss out to them.  Then it was back inside where I downed a 20 ounce glass of water and turned on the computer.  After reading emails and chatting with a couple of friends (both have blogs over on my blog roll), I made my infamous “To Do List” for the day.

To Do List... the beginning

Happy Chickens

The list looks nice and short, but the thing is, it grows throughout the day.  Today wasn’t too bad, though I didn’t write down everything on the list that I ended up doing, for instance, the hummingbird and oriole feeders got filled and put out for the birds.  I cleaned all of Crazy Dogs nose, tongue and paw prints off of the back patio door, which prompted the Happy Chickens to be voyeurs all day – as I write this there are a half-dozen of them camped out at the door.  I then made my way over to release the cats from their room, clean their litter box and scold them at the mess they leave when they eat; it was then that I heard the telltale sound of Fat Cat having a mouse in a trap.

yep... The Ortho trap killed it dead. (and yes, my fingernails are painted "Co-Bolt Blue")

Almost the end of the day...

My whole day culminated with me making dough for homemade pizza, caramelizing some onions for said pizza and making myself a spicy Bloody Mary with spicy pickles and eating them with “Rebel Mary” spicy peanuts.  I earned it.


So I can put this post under “All Things Alcohol”… here’s how I made it:

5 ounces of Mr. & Mrs. T’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
3 ounces of Pinnacle Vodka
2 Claussen’s Hot & Spicy Dill Pickle Spears.

Pour the Bloody Mary Mix and Vodka into a glass with ice, give a stir and slip in the pickles.  Drink and enjoy alone or, in this case, with Lord Nut Levington’s “Rebel Mary Peanuts” (spicy Bloody Mary flavored).

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4 Responses to Just another day in the life of, Moi

  1. Great nails! No really! Miss Piggy has a lot to answer for.

    • LOL I have a “train case” for my nail polish bottles and manicuring tools. Perhaps one day I’ll count how many I have. This “Co-Bolt Blue” is a new FAVORITE! I love how bright it is but is still dark; I tend to wear dark shades or have “naked” nails – not too often do I paint my nails a frilly pink.

  2. Joe says:

    I wish i lived on a farm…

    • I’ve done the city thing… and both city- and country-living have their pros and cons… but I do better being able to disconnect from the public in a rural setting. Too much contact with people drains me quickly and leaves me crabby and sullen. I know my limits, sometimes pushing them, but not often.

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