03/25/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365

This weeks favorite search term is:  Is the Student Loan Forgiveness Act a joke?  No, dear Reader who was brought to this blog via your search term… it is NOT a joke.  Hopefully I’ll have a follow-up to my original post this coming week, as this topic is a bit of a hot topic.

Project 365:  Random Facts 79 – 85

Random Fact #79 – I fear rejection more than death.

I think the reason for this is that death is inevitable, but rejection… that’s not inevitable.  Rejection is one of those things that we don’t ever think would befall us, and we fear that our most beloved will one day dismiss us without so much as an explanation.  We joke that it could never happen to us because we’re obviously so awesome, and yet, in the depths of our hearts and the backs of our minds, we tremble with dread that it could materialize.

Random Fact #80 – I do not speak ill of the dead, no matter how bad they were.

This fact received the response “Even Hitler?”  Yes.  Even Hitler.  He was a crazy man who did some really horrible things, but he’s dead now.  He can no longer hurt anyone.

Random Fact #81 – I never knew my maternal grandmother, but my mom tells me I have a lot of her same mannerisms.

My Mom started to point out little things I did that reminded her of her mother.  Even my wearing of red lipstick often was pointed out as something my maternal Grandmother did.  I wish I could have known her.

Random Fact #82 – I love baling hay, even though it is exhausting, back-breaking work.

This fact is a fun one and prompted a lot of comments on Facebook.  A great/grand aunt and uncle owned a dairy farm and we’d go and help bale hay three times a year.  I have such fantastic memories of baling hay.  My cousins would all tease everyone mercilessly, but with good humor.  While waiting for loads of hay to come in from the fields it was into the kitchen to prepare lunch and dinner.  My mouth still waters at my aunt’s Tator Tot Casserole and fresh strawberry pie.  Fresh milk from the bulk tank was always served with the meals along with hearty helpings of more teasing.  I miss those days.

Random Fact #83 – I can butcher poultry and rabbits, but haven’t helped with anything larger in many years.

DH and I have raised rabbits in the past and now we’re onto poultry.  I know how to stock the freezer with them all.  It’s been a long time since I’ve helped with anything larger, which was a deer, hit by a truck.  Not pretty.

Random Fact #84 – My favorite game to play with a group is Munchkin.

Who needs Dungeons and Dragons when there is Munchkin?!  This is a hilarious game which can take hours to play.  You roll dice and fight monsters like Bi-Polar Bear.  You stab other players in the back (if you’re a thief) and have races like elves and dwarfs.  Adult beverages are usually drunk while playing.

Random Fact #85 – The first book I remember making me cry was, “Beauty” by Bill Wallace

It was a horse book, and I SOBBED.  You know the kind, choked, red-faced, blood-shot eyes, snotty-nosed sobbing.  There have been plenty of other books that have accomplished the same thing, but that was the first.

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