03/18/2012 Sunday Search Terms and Project 365

Search Terms

I have to say that the most amusing search term for the week is:  disgusting facts about scallops.  What, pray tell, do you have against the lowly scallop?  Sure… they make me ill, but I’d STILL eat them if it weren’t for the vomit-factor.  They’re VERY tasty!  They also are a pretty cool shellfish.  Have you ever seen a Flame Scallop?   Neato!  I really haven’t gone into any great depth on facts about scallops on this blog.  I’m sure that I disappointed that visitor.

The other search that has just tickled me is:  conclusion of christmas lights.  What does this mean?  People are reading my blog!!!!  Hot DAMN!

Project 365 – Random Facts 72-78

Random Fact #72 – I vacillate between having the attention of a flea… OH! BUTTERFLY!…. and intense concentration where I hear nothing outside of what is going on in my head, and see nothing other than what is right in front of me.

This is one of the dangers of being a “thinker”.  I can tune out absolutely everything when my mind is cranking out thoughts at lightning speed.  DH will attempt to talk to me and usually ends up having to shake me to snap me out of my oblivion because I’m not hearing a thing he says.

Random Fact #73 – I’m allergic to most eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara.  I wear it anyway.

I’ve actually cut way back on wearing makeup unless I’m going out or modeling.  I’ve tried Almay and Clinique (both touted as good options for sensitive eyes), but they still make my eyes itchy.  The brands that cause the least amount of trouble?  Rimmel, Wet ‘n Wild and Cover Girl.

Random Fact #74 – Movie blood grosses me out.  Real blood doesn’t.

Don’t you think it would be the opposite?  There are exceptions to this rule:  Kill Bill, Zombieland; but for the most part, movie blood churns my stomach.  I’ve been hurt enough and have seen people bleeding that it doesn’t really phase me.  To be fair, I haven’t seen majorly traumatic woundings… it might be a different story then.

Random Fact #75 – When I was little, I would eat a carrot while watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.

I remember thinking at that age (around five), that it was incredibly important for me to eat a carrot while Bugs was on.  I also attempted to imitate what he said.

Random Fact #76 – It took me 34 years to respond to the statement, “You’re pretty” with “Thank you” instead of waving it off with a self-deprecating comment.

The ability to accept a compliment is not an easy task; it takes a lot of work.  I continually have to work at it, stopping myself from starting up the self-deprecation and playing down my looks.  A simple “Thank you” is all that is required.  And, if you’re one of those people who compliments me on something and I start downplaying whatever it is I did… just tell me to say, “Thank you”.

Random Fact #77 – I sharpen my own lawnmower blades with a bench grinder.

It’s TRUE.  I love donning the leather gloves, welding apron and safety glasses before flipping the switch on the bench grinder.  I hum to myself as that metallic “KKkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!”  sounds out in the shop and I inspect my handy work.  This is one of my favorite tasks during the summer.

Random Fact #78 – After a difficult break-up in college, I rebounded with a man who told me he loved me after two dates.  I responded, “You’ll get over it”,  which made him cry.

Here’s the thing… I still don’t regret what I said.  I know it hurt the guy.  I know it came across as cruel.   But it was after only TWO DATES!  To me, I couldn’t and still can’t fathom dropping a bomb like that on someone after TWO DATES!  About a week later I received a poem in my email from him outlining how I broke his heart.  About a month later he sent me a message saying he started dating his ex girlfriend again.  Good for him.  He DID get over it.

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