News Flash for Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Good Day, Dear Readers!

I feel that I must break the news, and well, normally I prefer the “head in the sand” approach to difficult situations (if you ignore it… it’ll go away), but… I will be AFK, or “Away From Keyboard” from the 20th through the 29th.  I know, I know… whatever will you do without me?  Well, you can always check out some of the blogs on my blogroll.  That’s a thought.  You could….. read a magazine?  Take up knitting?  Hold your breath until I come back?

Okay, I don’t really recommend that last one.  The reason for my disappearance?  Vacation.  I’ll be off on my fourth cruise; yes, in spite of the capsizing of the Costa Concordia in the Mediterranean, I will still be sailing.  But, Sarah!  Why no updates?  That would be because DH told me he wanted to see me “relax” and “have a real vacation”… In other words – I’m a technology addict and he’s cutting me off.  This is probably also the reason why the planned phone upgrade won’t happen until next month.  I smell a conspiracy!!

That said, I will hopefully return from my vacation renewed and revved up and raring to go with more fun and exciting tales.  And a lot of pictures.

Some other news I’d like to share…

On Monday, I received news from a dear friend that he is heading off very soon on a dangerous mission.  This friend is someone I’ve been talking to online for nearly four years now and have yet to meet in person due to the fact that he’s been stationed in the Middle East at bases “unnamed” for all the time I’ve known him.  He volunteered to take the place of a good friend of his on this mission because his friend “has a family”, rather than take his previous orders to transfer to non-hostile territory after so long in the Middle East.  I’m very proud of him, and scared for him, too.  I do not know all the details, only that he’s going.  I do not support the wars in the Middle East, but I DO support the soldiers who are there.  I ask that if you can find it in your heart to send good vibes in the direction of my friend (I won’t name him here due to the nature of his job), I would appreciate it.  We’ve a date for drinks at some point in the future and I told him he can’t stand me up.

More News…

My Blog – I have purchased my domain name!  WOO HOO!  I think that’s $25 well-spent.  So now, people can head straight to!

The Weather – Mother Nature REALLY wants me to enjoy my vacation and has sent the area I live into the deep freeze.  It was minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit this morning… that was the AIR TEMPERATURE.  Thank you Mother Nature for making me REALLY look forward to the upper-80-degree weather that I will be enjoying for nine days.  I promise to appreciate it with my entire being.

Reading – I just finished book three of author Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series.  I’ve never really been one of those people into werewolves, vampires and the fae, BUT, Ms. Briggs’ books are captivating.  It doesn’t hurt that her herione, Mercy, is a rough ‘n tumble tomboy either with lots of tattoos and is an auto mechanic.  I also see that book #6 in the series is out!  Hooray!

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