VANDALS and other Monday Madness

I am not a flamboyant person.  Silly, yes.  Fun-loving, yes.  Flamboyant?  Not so much.  I like the colors in my house to be subtle, subdued and calming.  I like the outside of my house to blend in with its surroundings, to look like it belongs.  The one time of year that I would even approach “flamboyant” in my decor is Christmas time.

No, I don’t have inflatable do-dads, or neon-colored wire cartoon deer kissing throughout the yard.  I have evergreen garlands, multi-colored lights and Christmas ornaments.  It was discovered last evening by DH, that some vandals (hoodlums, hooligans, delinquents… you get the idea) had come along and cut the wire for our Christmas lights strung along our fence.

DH was entertaining the idea of blaming the marauding squirrels initially, but when he went out to repair the wiring, found that these troublemakers hadn’t just cut the wire, but had removed a section about a foot in length which included a light.  *shakes my fist at the injustice*  Damn, kids!  Get off my lawn!!  (I had to put that in there cause I know at least one Reader will get a kick out of it.)  I can only hope that whomever the perpetrator was received a shock when they cut the wire.  I’m also guessing that they didn’t know that DH is an EE (Electrical Engineer for those who don’t know their engineer shorthand), and knows how to fix stuff like that.

Upon waking today – the lights were working as they should.  I will have to place a curse upon the thief… and perhaps set up a trap camera to see if they come back.  Then again, I could see if we can wire a pig fencer up and see if they touch that…

Now, onto other Monday Madness….

So, I heard Kim Jong Il died.  There were some interesting videos being broadcast by North Korea showing people mourning his death.  They seemed scripted, but who can really know for sure.  His youngest son, Kim Jong Un is the alleged front-runner for power (and considered by some to be clinically insane), so considering all of that, we’ll be in for quite a ride.

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1 Response to VANDALS and other Monday Madness

  1. Aaron says:

    When you consider that given the history of North Korea those who are not sad about the death of their leader may be in fear of getting put to death themselves if they don’t pretend to be sad.

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