Fancy Coffee Friday: Good Intentions

The Amusing Muse Fancy Coffee Friday: Good IntentionsI’m a bad, albeit well-intentioned, blogger. Honestly, I suspect that is the case with a lot of bloggers, particularly those who have a job outside of their blog. A few months back, I had written that life was about to change around here and that the changes would allow me to write more. Obviously, if you have been watching your email inbox for a post from me during this time, you know they have been few-and-far-between. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…

Going Back To School Eats Up a Lot of Time

Oh sure, I am all for making time to do the things I like, or love, to do – like writing, but telling my brain that sitting down to work on the ideas that bounce around my head after 8 hours of accounting homework results in a revolt. Factor in the rest of the time I have spent studying, going to work (I’m having a good time at this job!), and managing home and barn, there isn’t a whole lot of time left, let alone the energy, to write. Who knew!?

I’m Learning to Be Less of a Perfectionist

I had about 30% of the credits I need for my degree transfer from previous educational institutions. I’m also learning a lot and enjoying the process. I don’t enjoy getting questions wrong on exams and so forth, but Mr. Muse has reminded me numerous times that I don’t always have to get a perfect score. I realize that I don’t, but in that moment of finding I only got 98.75% instead of 100% and then seeing it was a dumb error because I read the question too quickly, or typed in a wrong number, I get angry with myself. This same need for absolute perfection in what I do is also why I don’t churn out as much writing – if it’s not perfect I shouldn’t publish, right? I’m learning to be kinder to myself in that regard. I’m also trying to remember that “perfection” is an illusion.

The Pantry and Freezer Have Never Looked Better

Taking a hit in the pocketbook, even though we know it’s temporary, means that I have been much better about cooking with ingredients that are on hand. Oh, I’ve always done a fair-to-middling’ job on that, but now I’ve made it a personal challenge to see how many items I can use from the freezer or pantry in a week. How creative can I get with what we have on hand? Pretty creative, thank you very much. Also, jam bars (or this one) are a great way to use up the jars-upon-jars of jam and jelly we have on hand. I still, however, need to find ways to use up a whole lot of jalapeno taco sauce that is near the “melt your face” category in heat, without actually causing those of us eating whatever gets made to have our faces melt.

So, while my good intentions for more writing on this blog, or even in general, seem to have gone the way of the dodo, I still have hope that I’ll find my groove and my pen will find paper (or fingers, keys), and I’ll be able to get back to armchair philosophizing.

Meanwhile, I am at the start of the Winter Break, and I have jam bars to make and recipes to find that use melt-ones-face-off jalapeno taco sauce. If you have ideas, I’m open to them!

The Amusing Muse is a student, writer, Office Ninja, and annoyingly cheerful person living in the Madison, WI, area. She’s recently discovered some critter has started to excavate under her barn, in the chicken coop no less, and will be doing some detective work with a trap camera. She also received her first gardening catalog for the 2019 growing season and has been reading it cover-to-cover.

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About The Amusing Muse

Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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5 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: Good Intentions

  1. John says:

    Hey – I’m simply happy to see a post from you, wherever and whenever it may arrive. As a well-intentioned-but-horrible-blogger, myself, well, I get the “life happens and the blog suffers”. I have posts to post – but the time to get them written, well, that just isn’t here.

    And I’m with you about the scoring on tests . . . if I score a 90% because I made a legitimate mistake, fine. But if i get something wrong because of a typo or something I’d have gotten correct, simply, by being more careful – well, that shit drives me crazy.

    Enjoy the jam bars & good luck with the jalapeno taco sauce mission. And Merry Christmas. And thank you for being you 🙂

  2. Aging Cowgirl says:

    I wonder if a person could take that hot sauce and dehydrate it, like fruit rollups, then grind it into powder to be used sparingly in such things as chili or whatever….just a thought.

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