Fancy Coffee Friday: A Question of What to Write

The Amusing Muse Fancy Coffee Friday: A Question of What to WriteMy new routine is taking some getting used to. Earlier mornings, shorter days at work when I go in, and many hours of studying and time to write once again. But, now I am stuck wondering what I should write.

Part of my issue is that there are infinite topics about which I could put pen to paper (or fingers to keys). Another problem is what amounts to fear paralysis – “Oh shit! I have time to write…. But what if it sucks?” And then there is the issue of allowing myself to be distracted by anything and everything else around me, because even back-breaking, labor is less daunting than a blank page. How’s that for a conundrum?

Recently, a passage I heard in an audiobook by Steve Harvey states that if we hope to succeed, we have to humble ourselves and ask for help. I think I’m reaching that point as I feel increasingly stuck when it comes to writing for this blog. The personal essay has been my go-to for many years as I seldom dabble in creative fictional writing, and haven’t for many years. Perhaps that is really my issue – my creative juices are fermenting into a back-of-the-fridge science experiment.

That stagnant, swamp-water feel pushed me to look at websites with writing prompts this week. A bit crestfallen at the plurality and sameness of lists, I left fairly uninspired. So, I thought about times I remembered being inspired to write, whether it was an essay, poem, or short story, deciding that these moments of inspiration came when I was allowed to sit quietly and ponder over conversations I had or locations I’d visited or experiences I’d had. Silence is my fertile ground.

As a gardener, fertile soil is a necessity for growing plants which thrive. Tree, vegetable, or flower, all require nutrients to produce well. The same applies to writing. So, in the past, I have done some dirt farming for improved production in my garden, and it appears that I need to give the same attention to the fertility of my mind.

To paraphrase one of my best, creative friends, it’s time for some tea, toast, and putting pencil to paper. It’s time just to let my mind get some exercise in the quiet.

But I’m also happy to hear suggestions.

PS – I also intend to break out my colored pencils, crayons, and markers; my coloring books and sketch pads. A little creative variety is good.

What works best for you when you need some inspiration?

The Amusing Muse is a writer, Office Ninja, and once-again student living in Southern Wisconsin. She’s also found a new job to go with her new class schedule. Her cats are very happy that she is now home so frequently.

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Deep thinker whose mind operates at warped speed. Philosopher pondering the big (and little) things in life. Storyteller. Office Ninja. Model. Teller of bad jokes. User of big words.
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4 Responses to Fancy Coffee Friday: A Question of What to Write

  1. Aging Cowgirl says:

    Write about what you know best…today…cause tomorrow it will be something else!!! lol
    Meeting new kinds of people or not meeting them, just impressions from various people watching excursions. How has this changed from your thoughts 25 years ago? Critters, bugs, how do you view peoples: actions after recognizing what may be happening in their lives….What would you do if you won that $960,000,000? (or the $565,000,000 cash value) until it changes due to more tickets being sold. (Don’t give any to me, I’ll work with what I’ve got, thank you!) Aw heck, just go with your own ideas, they are always interesting and often mind opening.

  2. John says:

    Now, I’m someone who hasn’t really written in . . . well, it’s been awhile. A long while.

    When I’m stuck for “what to write,” I usually just write about why it’s so difficult to write. But, once the gears are lubed and I start writing, switching to writing something of substance is easy enough.

    For some reason, wonder just what that might be, I’m back to thinking about writing for the Dark Escape — been a long hiatus there. Just been prioritizing other things. But, well, you know my mind – it’s always working. I think I need to re-prioritize things, because things are a little better in my head when I’m writing commonly.

    • I think the issue is that I’ve not made writing a part of my daily routine. I was doing really well with journaling last year, but fell out of habit this year. I was on the treadmill earlier today thinking about that – I schedule time for a good many other things, but haven’t scheduled time to write. I completely agree with you that I’m better in my head when I am writing consistently. I also feel more creative when I’m writing regularly. I guess that means I need to prioritize my writing, huh?

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